Namaste: Women defend wearing yoga pants in peaceful parade

She's organized a "Yoga Pants Parade" in peaceful protest, inviting spandex proponents to sport their comfiest leggings and sashay past Sorrentino's house on Sunday.

Sorrentino told WPRO-AM he hoped the letter would deter people from the presidential campaign - but he received death threats after it was published.

All I have to say is: I can't wait until I'm 70 and wear yoga trousers every day all day.

The man was harassed after trying to women what women can wear.

The letter was written in jest as a respite from the current political climate, Sorrentino said.

Parade organizers on Facebook say the parade was not a hateful protest against Sorrentino, but an opportunity to celebrate women's bodies.

More than 300 people many of them women and young girls came out for the social media-driven event in the affluent, coastal town of Barrington, the Providence Journal reported.

Jamie Burke, 40, who organized the protest, said it had a larger meaning than yoga trousers.

More than 300 people on Sunday came out to parade in yoga trousers after a man wrote a letter calling the attire tacky.

Unsurprisingly, Sorrentino received plenty of backlash from commenters and on social media for his ridiculous letter, but a group of local women decided they'd take their response one step further - namely, a parade through Sorrentino's neighborhood (in yoga trousers, of course).

They also collected personal hygiene items for the Sojourner House, a local domestic violence organization.

"Let us gather in peace and end with Yoga together in front of the school". However, on mature, adult women there is something freakish and disturbing about the appearance they make in public.

Their outrage is in response to a letter that town resident Alan Sorrentino wrote to the Barrington Times about his dislike of yoga trousers. He says he even owns a pair.

"It's vicious and intimidating", Sorrentino said of the parade. Sorrentino likened the harassment to threats he has received as an openly gay man.

But those who marched said it didn't matter what Sorrentino's intentions were, and that ultimately the trousers protest wasn't even about his specific words - it was about taking a stand against a culture and climate that allows for the restriction of a woman's free will. "The fact that this is seen as an appropriate reaction to something I wrote in the paper is really disgusting".

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