Why Are NFL TV Ratings Falling?

Why Are NFL TV Ratings Falling?

If you are one of those people who doesn't spend nearly as much time watching the NFL as you remember, you are not alone; certainly, NFL betting odds enthusiasts are still watching intently. 

However, a lot of fans are choosing to prioritize other activities, this signified by the fact that NFL TV ratings have taken a substantial dip in the first few weeks of the new season. 

Once a notable top-rated primetime show, Sunday Night Football saw its ratings decline by a surprising 10 percent. NBC, CBS and the NFL network have all seen their ratings fall over the last few weeks, months and years. 

Monday Night Football, in particular, fell by a staggering 19 percent, and the NFL is striving to assure its partners that this is more of an anomaly than a trend, telling them to ride out the storm.

Brian Rolapp and Howard Katz, NFL senior executives, said in a letter that they recognized the need their partners had to see higher ratings; they claimed to be confident in the NFL’s ability to resolve the issue in the long term, the letter going so far as to remind everyone that the league’s ratings had grown by 27 percent in the last 15 years. 

They emphasized the fact that football still dominates as the most powerful program on television. 

As for the reasons driving the decline in ratings, a few factors have been suggested:

Colin Kaepernick 

Colin made waves when he refused to recognize the playing of the national anthem during a game, explaining later on that he was protesting the injustices being perpetrated against black people in his country.

The protests have sparked a storm of debates and arguments, and according to a recent survey, an estimated 32 percent of American Adults are less likely to watch NFL games because of Colin and all the other athletes who have begun to emulate him. 

Most fans agree that they do not like the idea of injecting politics into sports, though, Colin has attracted more support than criticism for his actions.

Election Cycle

The election cycle is eating into the NFL’s ratings. There has never been this much excitement surrounding an election, and the Donald Trump/Hilary Clinton clashes have slowly but surely become a more compelling viewing experience for Americans than the NFL.

College Football

The NFL might be struggling with its ratings but college football has only become stronger with time. The arena is vastly more entertaining this season, delivering twists and turns and heart stopping moments every week. 

The larger than life characters are quickly making it more appealing than the NFL.

Star Power

Some Pundits believe that the absence of stars like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the first few weeks of the sport has reduced the appeal of the NFL. A number of sports fans associate the NFL with its superstars, and without players like Manning on the field, there is nothing to anchor them to Football.

Along with the fact that games simply haven’t been that good, the league delivering some surprisingly lackluster matchups in the first few weeks of the season, the NFL might still be the most popular source of entertainment on Television but it needs to address the ratings issue lest the decline becomes a permanent trend. 

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