The Google Pixel Is Too Dumb and Ugly to Replace Your iPhone

At first glance, the new Pixel phone looks much like any other high-end Android phone-a sleek, five-inch rectangle topped with glass.

The giant is very hopeful with its Google Pixel that it could convince Apple users to switch. These aren't Nexus phones, they're "made by Google" and their vision of what a smartphone should be.

The two phones come in two sizes - standard and larger, phablet-style devices. With its Chromebook Pixel line, the pricey laptops were priced so high mass exposure to Google's tinkering with hardware design and manufacturing was far from common knowledge. Google describes it as "the first phone made by Google inside and out".

This is because Google is using the Pixel as a showcase for its latest software and services - including the Artificial Intelligence-enhanced Google Assistant - which makes the most of the new Android operating system and its integration with Google's Search and Cloud services.

Although the Pixel XL is a Google phone, it unmistakably looks like an HTC phone. And while the Pixel was just announced and more will likely be coming, the company already has an entire lineup of handsome cases. Pixel preorders started on October 4, several weeks after the Galaxy Note 7's first recall, and shipments will begin on October 20, about a week after Samsung officially ceased producing and distributing its fire-prone device. Are the new Pixel phones worthy Nexus replacements? There's nothing like that here, even though Google presumably knows more about these phones than any other Android devices, because it was so deeply involved in their development.

DxO Labs in France is an independent company which tests and ranks smartphone cameras (as well as "proper" camera hardware), assigning each one a value out of 100.

It can do some cool tricks, too. The phone is in build fast processor, the option of very quick charging battery, rear-mounted fingerprint, and a unique premium metal finish.

Secondly, the changeover from our old handset to the Pixel wasn't quite as smooth as Google had promised. Siri is a big part of iOS now, but it took a few years to get there - expect Assistant to be something similar. With this, students can set reminders for project deadlines and ask for directions.

On the road, the image stabilization proved most useful and most remarkable. I use apps like iTunes and Google Music nearly equally, and I tend to use Skype for video calls, not Apple FaceTime or Google Duo. Highlights include an overhaul of menus, a new lock screen with widgets and rich notifications, 3D Touch commands and big changes to Apple's Messages app.

Overall, the Pixel is expensive and it shows incredible promise which is worthy of the legendary Captain Spock of the Enterprise. But like the Nexus phones before it, which developed a geeky reputation, it is going to struggle to attract a wide audience.

There's no doubt that Android 7.1 is the star of the show here - with the eerily-clever Assistant meaning you'll never have to Google a question every again. The iPhone 7 does come with an IP67 water and dustproof rating while the Pixel only has an IP53 rating.

No, from the front, the Pixel XL evokes memories that are routine rather than exceptional. Google is promising that it wouldn't face a potential "Warp Core Breach" as Samsung's recent phones have witnessed and I am inclined to believe this.

This phone comes with unlimited storage for the photos and videos you capture with it.

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