M&M's Are Getting a New Filling: Caramel

Mars Chocolate, which makes the iconic 75-year-old chocolate sweets, will debut a new product in line in May 2017 that features a gooey caramel center. The caramel M&M will permanently join its milk chocolate-, pretzel- and peanut-filled brethren, hopefully prompting a new M&M character as well. The company described them as having soft caramel centers enrobed in chocolate and coated in a crunchy candy shell.

A Mars spokesperson told Business Insider that the company spent a little over two years developing the caramel M&M. According to CNN Money, M&M's of three categories are now on the shelves: crispy (pretzel), smooth (chocolate) and nutty (peanut).

Part of the reason why a caramel center was the next obvious flavor for the company was because caramel is "trendy", and popular among consumers.

Izzo also told the news agency it's still getting the manufacturing process ready - hence the monthslong wait.

"Chocolate and caramel is such a popular flavor combination, especially with the fans of M&M'S", Tanya Berman, brand director of M&M'S brand, said in a statement.

While this news will surely be cheered by candy fans, don't get too excited yet. According to the company, caramel M&M's will be a permanent item, meant to tap into the $2.2 billion caramel business.

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