French court OKs Calais migrant camp closure, amid NGO fears

Migrants and refugees aboard a ship wait in line for a hospital after being rescued in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya Thursday Oct. 20 201

A first group of children refugees from the Calais camp has arrived in the United Kingdom to be reunited with their families.

The refugees who arrived on Monday came from countries including Syria, Afghanistan and Kuwait. What will happen to them? Shops and cafes are expected to be knocked down this week and tents and shacks where asylum-seekers sleep are expected to be destroyed from Monday. It has said some of them have been held back by bureaucracy. "Dismantling the camp won't stop refugees coming to Calais nor make the thousands there already disappear".

A 38-year-old interpreter was raped near the Calais Jungle on Tuesday while working on a documentary for French public broadcaster France 5, according to French newspaper Le Figaro.

Regarding the specific issue of unaccompanied children and teenagers who have fled war zones such as Afghanistan, Syria and Sudan, the transfers to Britain are taking place under European Union family reunification rules known as the Dublin regulations.

He said: "There are many, many young children in the Jungle and at the new camp in Dunkirk and while they will always find somewhere to play, there are many dangers around them, from violence to people traffickers". "We have only five days left before demolition and there has not been a single mention of Dubs children; we believe they are the most vulnerable children on the site".

He said that "thanks to the cooperation between our police services, 33 illegal immigration networks smuggling people into the United Kingdom have already been dismantled in France since the beginning of this year".

"This is the start of the process to transfer as many eligible children as possible before the start of the clearance, as the Home Secretary set out in Parliament".

Last week Home Secretary Amber Rudd told the Commons that more than 80 unaccompanied children had been accepted for transfer under the Dublin regulation so far this year.

The Home Secretary also said that more than 50 children had been taken, largely from Greece, under Lord Dubs' amendment to the Immigration Act. "The registration process is chaotic".

Queueing for the coach in the drizzle, Mr Noorzada said: "There are a lot of problems here, particularly if you have children, so we are moving elsewhere in France, in the south near the Spanish border".

On Monday the Red Cross issued a statement saying it was "proud to be helping to finally bring these children, who have been fending for themselves in conditions unimaginable to most adults, to the United Kingdom to be reunited with their families and be given the care they need and deserve". "There is no way of knowing if someone is a child", he said.

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