Curt Schilling doesn't apologize for failed 38 Studios deal

Curt Schilling was seen in 2014

On Tuesday morning, Curt Schilling announced that he hopes to be Elizabeth Warren's Republican challenger in 2018.

When former Red Sox pitcher and outspoken conservative Curt Schilling does it, he gets fired.

Schilling expressed remorse for businesses in the state that "paid the price" for what happened with 38 Studios, along with his employees, who he said were treated "terribly" by the state in the aftermath of the company's destruction. The firm's bankruptcy two years later left taxpayers on the hook for roughly $90m, and Rhode Island's Democratic governor Gina Raimondo said citizens deserved an apology.

38 Studios moved from MA to Rhode Island in 2010 in exchange for the loan guarantee, then went bankrupt.

Schilling, whose social media accounts say lives in Medfield, describes himself on his Facebook page as a "conservative pro life pro 2nd amendment American who wants to help those that can not help themselves". "And ultimately it's going to come down to how (she) and I feel this would affect our marriage and our kids". Elizabeth Warren in 2018, if his wife agrees.

While never paying bribes, Schilling said he did sign autographs for building inspectors and fire marshals, because he was told it would make the process run "more smoothly".

"I've made my decision", he said, per Hill.

There has already been polling done on a matchup between Warren and Schilling. He now has an online radio show.

But Schilling, a noted Trump supporter, has been embroiled in several recent controversies for his outré political views. He, however, said he must first clear the decision with his wife, WPRI reported. "I think she's a nightmare", Schilling told Boston's WRKO-AM in August. Schilling said he expects to testify at the trial.

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