German govt believes Trump would ravage US economy

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump waves to supporters during a campaign rally at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Michigan

In the aftermath of Monday's debate, Trump's MI campaign director Scott Hagerstrom said Trump's speech is going to center on "insiders versus outsiders".

Trump visited Novi on Friday as a raucous crowd of supporters filled the Suburban Collection Showplace.

Most waited in line all morning in the cool, damp weather awaiting to see and hear the presidential hopefuls message to the country.

Despite a less-than-stellar performance at Monday's debate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Trump has been asserting over social media and in speeches this week that he believes he was the victor of the debate.

"Hillary Clinton is ripping jobs outs of this country", said Trump.

"I'm an outsider fighting for you", Trump told the crowd. “Thats how she gets rich.we will end Clinton corruption.

Campaign officials stationed inside the Chrysler House lobby were mum about the event, and reporters were kept well away from both Trump and the supporters who attended what was said to be a high-ticket-per-plate event.

Michigan AFL-CIO president Ron Bieber said in a press conference prior to Trump's appearance that the candidate is far out of touch with Michigan workers.

Trump claims his economic plan would generate annual economic growth of 3.5 percent and create 25 million jobs over a decade.

He said a lot more people will be saying, “youre hired” rather than “youre fired.”. "Whether it was with working at the Children's Defense Fund or as an office holder, she has always sought to improve the prosperity of middle class people and working people in this country".

Trump, many watchers said, stumbled into shaky territory with African Americans during Monday's Presidential Debate when he defended "stop and frisk" policies that have been criticized as leading to racial profiling.

“Boy was the media dishonest during the debate, ” said Trump. “It was so bad.”. “They are too smart and they know they are being used.

“If not, then why not give Donald Trump a chance, ” said Trump. "I'll bring back education in the inner cities and I'll bring back safe neighborhoods".

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