Kerry holds out hope for Syria truce despite violations

"The current situation leaves much to be desired", Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said, blasting the US-led strike on Syria's army which he said "is still the only party respecting the ceasefire". There had been a measure of reduced violence since the truce was agreed but not seven consecutive days of calm as called for under the deal, Kirby added.

Fighters from the Islamic State group firing weapons toward Syrian troops.

The U.S. military has said it may have unintentionally struck Syrian troops while carrying out a raid Saturday against ISIS.

A UN Security Council meeting held late Saturday saw the USA and Russian envoys trading barbs following the airstrike, for which the United States has expressed regret.

"All of this puts the ceasefire in danger", he said, also without commenting on whether the truce would be extended.

Russian Federation took the side of the Syrian government, blaming the rebels for violating the truce.

"The regime of Bashar Assad had no real intention to commit to the truce".

Syria's almost week-old ceasefire was facing a crucial deadline on Monday as the Syrian army said the truce could expire later in the day after a particularly bloody weekend.

Washington passed on its "regret" to Damascus via the Russians for the unintentional strike on personnel belonging to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian military's General Staff stated earlier Monday in a briefing that Damascus had fulfilled its obligations.

Map of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor, summarising recent developments. An Agence-France Presse correspondent inside Aleppo city reported nearly non-stop bombardment and constant sirens.

The aircraft fired rockets at four opposition districts in the northern city of Aleppo, leaving an unspecified number of people injured, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights added.

The UN and Syrian Arab Red Crescent humanitarian mission had sought to take advantage of the ceasefire, which collapsed last night as shells and bombs rained down on Aleppo city and the surrounding province.

Assad said Monday the airstrikes by the USA -led coalition against his troops were meant to support the Islamic State group, calling the attack a "blatant American aggression".

"None of the facts on the ground show that what happened was a mistake or a coincidence", Buthaina Shaaban said. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave a different death toll and said 90 troops were killed during the USA -led strike.

The Syrian army has been fighting off a Daesh group offensive around the key Deir Ezzor airbase since a year ago.

Syrians sit and look at the rubble following an airstrike on the regime-controlled neighbourdhood of Karm al-Jabal.

Rudskoi said the rebels violated the truce 302 times since it took effect a week ago, killing 63 civilians and 153 Syrian soldiers.

Hours after the coalition strike on Saturday, the Pentagon admitted US-led pilots may have hit Assad's forces but said that they "believed they were striking a Daesh (IS) fighting position".

USA special operations forces are now working with the Turkish military and a group of Syrian opposition fighters in northern Syria, the Washington Post reported.

A statement by Russia's foreign ministry on Sunday said it was "deeply concerned" about the incident.

While the USA said the strike was an accident, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said it was evidence the U.S. was ready to back even Islamic State to further its goal of regime change in Syria. "So Russia's client, Russia's supported friend, is the single biggest blockade to the ability to move forward here", Kerry said.

In an emergency Security Council meeting on Saturday, the United States and Russian Federation clashed words regarding the incident, with U.S. ambassador to the UN Samantha Power claiming the meeting to be a stunt by Russian Federation that was "uniquely cynical and hypocritical".

Russian relations with the US was tested late Saturday night as Samantha Power, the USA ambassador to the United Nations, and Russian diplomat Vitaly Churkin released statements about the incident.

Russia's military said it was told by the Syrian army that at least 62 Syrian soldiers were killed in the Deir el-Zour air raid and more than 100 wounded.

Moadamiyat al-Sham mayor Bassam Karbuj said about 7,000 food parcels were distributed "under the auspices of our Russian ally". Such deliveries began only on Monday and were available only in limited areas, he said.

Both the Syrian Army and the rebel groups have spoken openly about their wishes to return to the battlefield.

The group said in a statement sent to reporters.

And if it held, the U.S. was to have set up a joint military cell with Russian Federation to target jihadists.

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