NYPD cop had no 'justification' for shooting Small

Michal Porebiak

The police initially contended that Small punched Isaacs through the window however surveillance footage showed the officer opened fire nearly as soon as Small came to his auto.

Small's estate has filed a $25 million wrongful-death claim against the city, said Sanford Rubenstein, a family attorney. It shows Small walking across two lanes of traffic to get to Isaac's driver-side window, and one second later is seen staggering backward before collapsing.

Isaacs and Small, both 37, had a confrontation on Independence Day when Small felt Isaacs cut him off. Isaacs was in civilian gear when Small approached his vehicle at the stoplight at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Bradford Street.

A spokesman for the state Attorney General's office, which brought the case, declined comment. Small was shot twice in the torso.

Supreme Court Justice Alexander Jeong ordered Isaacs to be held on $500,000 bail bond or $350,000 cash bail, and told him he'd have to wear an ankle bracelet. He was an officer in the 79th precinct.

"What we have before us, your honor, is a brutal, deliberate act wherein this defendant fired not one, not two, but three shots from a 9mm semi-automatic handgun into a completely unarmed man as he approached his vehicle, with absolutely no legal justification", Gradinger said, adding that it was "an extraordinarily strong case" with video evidence.

"I am grateful to the attorney general in getting this indictment", Small's widow, Winona Hauser Small, said in a statement, according to the Daily News.

A police officer has been charged in the killing of a former Spring Valley resident during a road rage incident earlier this year while the officer was off duty, the officer's lawyer said Monday. Small has a 19-item rap sheet and has served prison stints for attempted robbery, attempted drug sale to a cop, and a stabbing, according to the Post.

Isaacs was accused in a 2014 lawsuit of a false arrest in which the suspect was "punched, kicked and struck several times in the head and body". His gun and his badge were taken away.

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