Karlos Dansby will be a Strong Contender in the 13th NFL Season

Karlos Dansby will be a Strong Contender in the 13th NFL Season

Karlos Dansby might do well in the 13th NFL season. In the previous game, which was done against the Denver Broncos, he picked off the quarterback Manning for two times and returned one inception for the Cleveland Browns. His performance against the Denver Broncos have created better possibilities for him in the 13th NFL season and it is expected that he might be one of the NFL picks

That much-discussed game was played before twelve months. But now the Manning is not the quarterback of the Denver. He took the retirement after the Broncos Super Bowl 50 win. But the linebacker will be seen playing and leading the new team, Cincinnati Bengals, in the 13th season. The Bengals are expected to host the Denver Broncos on Sunday. The game will be played at noon CDT. 

If Dansby gets inception against the Denver in this game, he will be one of the fifth players in the NFL history with forty sacks and twenty interceptions. All other four names are Wilber Marshall, Ray Lewis, Seth Joyner, and Brian Urlacher. The great player is also tied with Derrick Brooks and Bobby Bell for the most interceptions that are returned for the touchdown by the linebacker. 

As he says, he wants to continue his game because he wants the best out of it. Dansby told in an interview with ESPN, he is playing this game for one more inception. He is still the part of this game because he wants to get one inception and to get the distinct record. He might play the game until he has not achieved that inception. You can say that he is continuing his game for one inception only. 

The great star will be 35 on 3rd November. During his long journey, he played seventy-one defensive snaps in the 23-22 season-opening win over Bengals over the New York Jets on the eleventh September. Besides, he played fifty-eight out of the seventy-four defensive snaps to the Pittsburg Steelers in the last week’s 24-16 loss. 

After achieving all these, he wants to break all the barriers that will come in his way and will achieve his most desired goal. Though the fans and people do not expect more from this old linebacker, but he has the faith that he can achieve it and prove it to those fans who have offered him a great support during the games. They have enjoyed his game and he will like to entertain them more with some more achievements. 

With the two games in the last season, he moved to the top ten of the NFL games. He achieved this position with 182 games and passed the former linebacker who was in the tenth position with 181 games. Al Del Greco, the place-kicker is in the top position of the NFL games with 248 games. Tony Richardson, the position player is in the second position of NFL games list with 234 games. The remaining names are Takeo Spikes, Kevin Greene, Willie Anderson, Wayne Gandy, Chris Gray, Frank Warren, and Ed West. If Dansby continues to play in all the games of this season, then he might move to higher positions on the list.

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