Donald Trump on the defensive after combative debate with Hillary Clinton

Republican candidate Donald Trump - whose doctor said would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency - definitely did not have the sniffles Monday night during the first debate. In the room they couldn't hear me, not exactly great.

Trump has numerously joked on the campaign trail about faulty microphone and has remarked that he may refuse to pay for the audio rental. "I do wish she had referred to him as Mr. Trump instead of Donald, if we're trying to rise above the dirty politics that has become so entrenched in the United States", she said.

At the end of her remarks in this critical swing state, Clinton went point-by-point on several exchanges she had with her opponent on taxes and the housing crisis.

Also overnight, Public Policy Polling released the results of its own post-debate survey, sponsored by VoteVets Action Fund, which found less lopsided results, but which nevertheless pointed to a Clinton victory, 51% to 40%.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and GOP candidate Donald Trump discussed the economy, trade agreements and stop-and-frisk.

Though he said on Twitter he had "really enjoyed" the debate, he accused moderator Lester Holt of a left-leaning performance and going harder on him than Mrs Clinton. We know many people will not watch the entire debate, or any of it, so their opinions will be shaped to an outsize degree by the media reaction and "snap polling" afterward.

Trump's campaign manager turned frustration into virtue.

Others say they weren't swayed by either candidate. "So I may hit her harder in certain ways". What he meant was that sometimes Clinton is angry, and sometimes she's aggressive, and sometimes she's fierce. And he then told Clinton that at an AFL-CIO event a few days back, "you were totally out of control". He said he tried not to think about the large television audience.

"We're not a party of fear and division and so I think she did a good job of conveying that message", said Democrat Jim Davis.

"He gets to decide what he gets to do", she said of Trump.

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