Week 3 Games Worth Checking Out

Week 3 Games Worth Checking Out

Week 2 was a bit of a letdown but only because it didn’t feature ranked matchups. However, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun, though not so exciting as to drastically affecting college football predictions

Three top-ranked teams will be in action in week 3, so that is something to look forward to those people disappointed by Week 2. If you are unsure about Week 3 as a whole, here are some games to watch out for:

Florida State Seminoles vs. Louisville Cardinals

This is the first massive game of week 3. Taking place on Saturday at Noon E.T, the Cardinals/Seminoles match will feature Deondre Francois and Lamar Jackson, a pair of very dynamic quarterbacks.

Florida State will be playing on the road but they are, none the less, the favorites in this bout; their odds rose rather drastically on Sunday. 

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Ole Miss Rebels

The Rebels are unlikely to repeat their 2015 success against Alabama this year. The Tide are highly determined to get revenge against the rebels for ruining their perfect season last year, which is probably why they are a double-digit favorite. 

Then again, the game against Western Kentucky Hilltoppers on Saturday should have made Alabama Coach Nick Saban more than a little nervous. That being said, the reason most analysts are doubtful of Ole Miss’ chances, despite the battle the Rebels gave Florida State, is because they have so many depth issues on defense. 

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Oklahoma Sooners

The Sooners are probably looking forward to the Matchup with the Buckeyes if only to revive their National Championship Hopes; the Sooners struggled in Week 1. They lost to the Houston Cougars. That showed their vulnerability, to their detriment.

The Buckeyes will give them a chance to ignite conversations once more about their College Football Playoff chances. The Buckeyes have dominated lesser competition; they need to prove that this was no mere fluke. 

Michigan State Spartans vs. Notre Dame  

This is one of the other major matchups of the weekend. The Spartans are expectedly the underdogs to Notre Dame. Notre Dame will be starting with DeShone Kizer, and it is easy to see why so many analysts might take comfort in Notre Dame’s offense as a result.

The Spartans game against Furman in the opening was not only lackluster, it is a disappointment. No one has any real faith in their ability to come out on top in this matchup. A Spartan victory would raise a lot of eyebrows.

Longhorns A&M vs. Auburn Tigers 

The Tigers might have a strong defense but their offense really struggled in the game against Clemson Tigers in the opener. The A&M squad is certainly talented. This will be an interesting match.

Duke Blue Devils vs. Northwestern Wildcats

The Devils will not forget their loss to Wake Forest Demon Deacons at home anytime soon, and that is a good thing. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, their loss at home to Illinois couldn’t have instilled much confidence. You would be hard-pressed to find an analyst that can accurately predict a winner between these two.

Panthers vs. Cowboys

Pittsburgh is probably confident in their ability to bully the Oklahoma State Cowboy’s, whose defense really struggled against the run last year. This will also be an interesting one to watch. 

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