Ivanka Trump: My Father's Health Is 'Unbelievable'

Then Ivanka Trump picked it up: "There's no policy on Hillary Clinton's website pertaining to any of these issues, child care, eldercare, or maternity leave or paternity leave for that matter", she said, in remarks first noted by ThinkProgress.

According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a 50-40 lead over her Republican rival in a demographic that Mitt Romney won by six points in 2012 despite his decisive loss that year.

Trump's child care plan is ill-considered.

In 1971, Richard Nixon vetoed a bipartisan child care bill on the grounds that mothers, not the federal government, should raise children.

Clinton's senior advisor for policy Maya Harris said that not including paid leave for fathers was a demeaning throwback to an era "where only women are taking care of infants". In unveiling his ideas, Trump misleadingly said Hilary Clinton had no child care plan of her own and that she "never will".

Donald Trump's announcement of a paid maternity leave policy this week brought the issue into the national political spotlight - and marks the first time a Republican presidential nominee has addressed the growing public demand for paid family leave policy.

CLINTON: She has proposed that students from families making less than $125,000 a year be able to attend a public college or university in their home state without having to pay tuition, and that all community colleges be tuition-free.

The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment about whether Ivanka Trump mischaracterized the Trump Organization's parental leave policy. She also is "guaranteeing" up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave.

First, the plan focuses exclusively on maternity leave, leaving dads and partners of all kinds completely out of the conversation. Spurred on by his daughter, Ivanka, Trump waded into topics more often discussed by Democrats.

The letter "states that with 100 (percent) certainty, I correctly went through the legal process when arriving in the USA", Melania Trump said in a statement released with the letter.

Trump is planning to offset his child care plan costs with additional growth from his tax overhaul plan.

Women and mothers won't forget Trump's long history of denigrating moms in the workplace, calling pregnancy an "inconvenience", calling a lawyer "disgusting" for attempting to take a prearranged and carefully timed break to pump breast milk, saying women merely "perceive a glass ceiling", calling women "fat pigs" and "dogs," and much more. A Trump campaign aide said that businesses would receive tax incentives to provide on-site child care, though federal law already contains a similar provision. His proposal, for six weeks of maternity leave, is an intriguing entrant to the debate about how to help ensure that everyone can be there when the people they love need them most. According to the Center for American Progress, in 2010 households with incomes below $18,000 spent half of their earnings on child care.

There was a slight flare up last month when Politico raised questions about Melania Trump's immigration status.

"I think there's going to be a mandate for comprehensive reform, and I think, you know, smart Republican leaders like [House] Speaker [Paul] Ryan will understand that you can't just be on the wrong side of all new Americans and have a great path forward to winning races".

While Hillary offers more time off than Trump (12 weeks, to be exact), she's also offering leave to both mothers and fathers.

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