Bill Clinton: 'Nothing More to Know' About Hillary's Health

Former president Bill Clinton

He acknowledged that not enough has been done in parts of the United States, such as coal country, to help struggling workers combatting a shifting economy. That is doubly so, he said, because Trump exploits people's fears with demagoguery. We don't need to feed the road rage.

Numerous online claims have been unfounded, but Clinton's early departure from a September 11 memorial and video of her stumbling with help into a van prompted her campaign to reveal the diagnosis days earlier.

CHARLIE ROSE: Is it possible she'll be away for weeks from the campaign trail? "It's a insane time we live in, you know, when people think there's something unusual about getting the flu". "Last time I checked, millions of people were getting it every year".

"The worst thing we could do is spend that kind of money on a wall that would be better spent on bridges, roads and airports", Clinton said. Her doctors later announced she had been diagnosed with pneumonia last week, which Clinton did not publicly disclose. "And she's worked like a demon, as you know, as secretary of state, and as a senator, and in the years since". "It's about time I showed up and did it for her".

Clinton said his wife's opponents "think everything is a campaign issue" and then tried to make it a campaign issue against Trump. "You can make the difference".

Her spokesman, Nick Merrill, said this morning that she "continues to feel better, but intends to remain at home today, following her doctor's recommendation to rest".

"There's never been a foundation to disclose as much as I have", he said.

"Hillary wants to reward long-term investment, profit-sharing, training and support for programs like yours, investment in research and development so we can have a healthy economy in the long run", Clinton said. She just got dehydrated.

"We created jobs and saved lives".

But they also needed to persuade Trump supporters over to Clinton's side, because in spite of signs at Clinton's campaign rallies that say "Love Trumps Hate", he said, "sometimes it doesn't".

BILL CLINTON: She's doing fine.

Clinton said her campaign didn't publicly reveal her diagnosis because "I just didn't think it was going to be that big of deal".

He also noted the Republicans who have endorsed Hillary Clinton, believing she is the strongest candidate on national security.

Hillary Clinton and Trump are locked in intense contest for the Silver State's six electoral votes, with recent polls showing a statistical dead heat and both making regular campaign stops.

The move from the Clinton Health Access Initiative follows similar planning from the foundation to answer critics' concerns of potential conflicts of interests should Clinton become president.

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