Clinton calls Trump comment on security briefing "undisciplined"

As U.S. officials cast doubt on Donald Trump's claim he read the "body language" of intelligence officials at a recent briefing, NBC News has learned exclusive details of what unfolded in the room - one of Trump's advisers repeatedly interrupted the briefers until Chris Christie intervened, sources said.

Less than two hours later Clinton herself launched an attack during a brief Q-and-A with reports on an upstate NY airport tarmac, calling his comment 'totally inappropriate and undisciplined'.

"I would never comment on any aspect of an intelligence briefing I received", Clinton said before boarding her campaign plane.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on a televised forum on September 8 that he is "pretty good with the body language" and could tell that the officials giving him his intelligence briefings don't respect President Obama.

"What I did learn", Trump said of his classified intelligence briefing, "is that our leadership, Barack Obama, did not follow. what our experts said to do".

Obama hit back at Trump on Thursday for criticizing his foreign policy record, saying the Republican nominee for the November 8 election was unfit to follow him into the Oval Office and the public should press him on his "outright wacky ideas".

Clinton has said her experience in government as secretary of state and a US senator makes her uniquely qualified for the White House, and that Trump's series of controversial comments make him temperamentally unfit for the office.

Trump, who has never held elected office, has criticized Clinton's judgment for backing the 2003 Iraq war and her support for the USA intervention in Libya in 2011.

"Intelligence officers provide objective views of what's going on in a situation and how that situation might change given the policy options on the table", said Morell, who will attend a bipartisan meeting of former national security officials that Clinton will convene on Friday.

Michael Morrell, a former Bush administration acting Central Intelligence Agency director who now supports Clinton, called Trump's remarks "highly inappropriate" and said he "crossed a long standing red line respected by both parties".

Former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, a Hillary Clinton supporter, also forcefully hit back at the notion that intelligence officials would have suggested any displeasure with White House decisions on national security matters. "That's not only risky, it should be disqualifying".

Flynn, who has often appeared on television as a Trump surrogate and was a contender to be his running mate, told NBC's "Today" show on Thursday that he agreed with the GOP candidate's suggestion that the intelligence community is unhappy with Obama.

"Putin is an aggressor that does not share our interests".

"He doesn't agree with his style of government".

Two sources said Christie, the New Jersey governor and Trump adviser, verbally restrained Flynn - one saying Christie said, "Shut up", the other reporting he said, "Calm down".

Clinton said Republicans holding or seeking office across the country should be pressed on whether they agree with Trump's comments, including his views on Putin and United States generals that surfaced during the forum.

"I think what he said was totally inappropriate and undisciplined", she said.

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