Turkey says 2 of its soldiers killed in IS attack in Syria

Yet, Ankara considers the YPG a "terrorist" group and has been alarmed by its expansion along the border, fearing the creation of a contiguous, semi-autonomous Kurdish region in northern Syria.

"I said: 'Our soldiers should come together and discuss, then what is necessary will be done, '" Erdogan added.

The fatalities are the first of the Turkish operation inside Syria to be blamed on IS.

The Turkish military launched an incursion into northern Syria last month with the stated aims of clearing Islamic State from its last foothold at the border and preventing expansion by the Kurdish YPG militia that is seen as a threat by Ankara. Any Turkish role would have to be determined in further talks, he said.

Reportedly, the Free Syrian Army and Turkish armed forces continue the offensive operation in the direction of Al-Bab city.

Russian Federation condemns the Turkish operation but is refraining from criticizing Ankara too harshly, said Gumer Isayev, head of the St. Petersburg-based Centre of Contemporary Middle East Studies, adding that there is a certain degree of coordination between Russian Federation and Turkey.

Jarablus, which had been held by DAESH for a long time, was the first town captured by the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters in the offensive launched on August 24.

Turkey wants to establish a safe zone in the 91-km area stretching from Jarablus to Azaz to the west. "Its participation in the Jarablus operation was an indication that it has not been completely shunned, at least by Turkey".

"A no-fly zone would necessarily be contained to one specific area, and we have problems and violence across [Syria]", Rhodes said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said there were intense clashes on Tuesday between the Turkish-backed rebels and IS militants east of the town of al-Rai and surrounding villages. "The operation is continuing in the region".

Turkey's deputy prime minister says authorities have foiled close to 230 Kurdish rebel attacks in the past few weeks, including 19 would-be suicide bombings.

Turkey has repeatedly demanded that the Kurdish YPG militia withdraw to the eastern side of the Euphrates, where there is a Kurdish-controlled canton.

"If we can seal that border using Turkish forces, opposition forces, with our logistical and air support, I think that would help us make a substantial gain against ISIL", he added.

Erdogan earlier said Obama had floated the idea of such cooperation during meetings at a summit of G20 leaders in China this week, the daily Hurriyet reported.

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