Snag The Xbox One S Console This Labor Day; See Prices Here

Lords of the Fallen

Microsoft's recently released Xbox One S, along with with the upcoming release of the PlayStation Neo in a few weeks, the prices of video game consoles are expected to have a huge discount and the discounted prices will surely entice gamers to purchase the machines.

The $50 gift card will be delivered to the customer's e-mail address within 10 working days from the purchase of the Xbox One S, which can only be used in the Microsoft Store. This is the first time the Xbox One S, which launched only a month ago, in included in a TV combo deal.

Also, the Xbox One S 500 gigabyte of the compilation of first-person shooter video games "Halo Collection" bundle, is also going along with the deals that received a $50 gift code and a free game for every purchase of the console. Of course, you will have to furnish your home entertainment setup with a 4K display too, and if you don't already have one, you need not to worry; electronics retailer Best Buy has got you covered with a deal that enables you to save big.

The Xbox One S Halo Collection bundle includes a 500GB console featuring 4K Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range, plus a wireless controller, the Halo 5: Guardians game on disc, and a digital download of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. An offer that is too cheap to pass, if you're thinking on other better deals. One example of this drastic price decrease is the Xbox One White 500 GB "Gears of War" Special Edition bundle that is now only $250, dropping from its original price of $350. For the same price of $249, the Xbox one console is also offered with a Quantum Break bundle. This bundle is now in limited quantities so hurry up if you're looking for an upgrade to your current gear. The 500GB version of the Xbox One is a $299 value.

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