Keith Vaz quits key Commons role after rent boy revelations

Keith Vaz has resigned as chairman of the home affairs committee, after fellow MPs demanded that he stand down.

Mr Vaz had a conversation regarding cocaine with one of the escorts in which the MP said he did not want to use the drug, but indicated that he would pay for it for the other man at a later date, according to the Sunday Mirror.

The Labour MP, who emerged smiling as he left his London home earlier, said in a statement: "Those who hold others to account must themselves be accountable".

The long-serving lawmaker was one of the most influential members of the House of Commons through his work on a committee that deals with law and order issues.

Some reports suggested he faced a no-confidence vote from Conservative Party members of the Home Affairs committee had he not stepped down.

On Monday, he told Sky News: "But at the end of the day I think Mr Vaz has historically and is now currently bringing Parliament into disrepute and I don't think he is a fit and proper person to be a Member of Parliament".

The 59-year-old Leicester East MP has said he has referred the allegations to his solicitor.

He added: "The integrity of the Select Committee system matters to me".

Labour MP Chuka Umunna, who sits on the Home Affairs committee, in a tweet said that Vaz had done a "fine job" as chairman, but had made the right decision in stepping down.

"It wasn't a party political view".

The pair spoke for a few minutes during a division next to the speaker's chair, with Mr Bercow leaning over to squeeze Mr Vaz's wrist.

Keith Vaz was under pressure to resign from the United Kingdom. "What has been exposed through the papers meant he was fatally compromised to continue as chair".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Vaz's future on the party's ruling National Executive would be discussed when it meets.

He said: "He's made his decision because he felt that to carry on in the circumstances that he is now involved in would detract from the work of the Home Affairs Committee and so he has made that decision for himself".

The statement was supposed to be released just after his meeting with the members of the select committee, however it was tweeted out by a BBC journalist shortly after 12.30pm.

She said: "What Keith does is for Keith, and any decisions he wishes to make are for him".

"With sadness, we all accepted that that was the appropriate course of action that he has taken and we also appreciate the many challenges facing him personally and his family".

Mr Vaz, was born in Yemen to parents from the Indian state of Go.

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