11-year-old Pence questioner: "I'm full on the Trump campaign"

"They all keep telling each other the usual methods are going to work against him, they keep thinking they've done him in, they think this is over, we finally got him, and they turn on the TV the next morning and Donald Trump is still standing and fighting in front of thousands of people, and he will make America great again".

Forget the traditional attack dog role of the vice president. Trump has that part down pat.

Pence reaffirmed what Trump said by saying both will be back in Colorado often before the November election.

Trump has publicly feuded with the Khan family - the Muslim parents of a fallen USA soldier - and refused to endorse fellow Republicans Sen.

Pence had to step in this week when Trump did not endorse the re-election bids of House Speaker Paul Ryan and Arizona Sen.

Schricker, who attended the event with his mother, said he was satisfied with Pence's answer. The feud has overshadowed Trump's criticism of Hillary Clinton.

Matthew was joined by his mom, Mary Schricker, for the interview, and discussed the moment at the Pence event Thursday when he questioned Trump's running mate.

But Pence must walk a fine line.

He explained that he believed Trump's outspokenness was something the USA needs.

"Sometimes things don't always come out like you mean", Pence said, before also pledging to stand by the GOP nominee.

"He should have expected he would do some of this and provide more of the even-tempered, articulate, measured responses", Black said.

Gov. Mike Pence is used to fielding hard questions but he wasn't expecting one from Matthew Schricker. He had been disappointed over Pence weighing in on Trump's proposed Muslim ban and his comments about the Khan family.

Savannah even asked Mrs. Pence about the best advice she's given her husband since he became the Vice Presidential nominee. "Folks, that's what freedom looks like and that's what freedom sounds like", he said before calling Humayun Khan an American hero.

Indiana's governor was responding to a question from an 11-year-old boy, Matthew, who said he had been watching the news and "noticing that you've been kind of softening up on Mr. Trump's policies and words".

Pence replied that he and Trump were "shoulder to shoulder" in the campaign.

Schricker said he started supporting Trump shortly after he annouced his candidacy.

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