Clinton's lead over Trump narrows to less than 3 points - Reuters/Ipsos poll

When asked whether her opponent Donald Trump is appealing to racists, Clinton said that "we have to acknowledge" that there is a racist and xenophobic appeal in his message. The poll is created to pay special attention to the voices of young adults of color, highlighting how race and ethnicity shape the opinions of a new generation.

More American voters view Clinton unfavorably (55 percent) than favorably (44 percent), giving her a net negative rating of -11 points. Half say the same of Clinton, a former senator and secretary of state, after unlikely rival Bernie Sanders forced her to fight for the nomination for a year. But on Friday afternoon, Clinton broke the mold, engaging in a Q&A with black and Latino journalists at the conference for the National Associations of Black Journalists and Hispanic Journalists in Washington, DC.

The Trump campaign has also banned journalists from The Washington Post from attending the Republican nominee's rallies. The poll found that 49 percent of Hispanics in the age group have a positive opinion. She also pledged to close "private" illegal immigrant detention centers and keep President Obama's executive actions on illegal immigration alive.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton greets crowds at Temple University last Friday. Clinton pulls in 41% of the under 30 vote, Johnson polls at 23%, and Stein gets 16% of registered voters under 30.

Clinton's lashing of Trump comes a few weeks after he attacked Khan parents, who lost their son after a vehicle bomb exploded in Iraq in 2004.

Young people are largely in agreement that the two major American political parties are lacking when it comes to representing the public. Among young Hispanics and Asian-Americans and blacks, most believe the party cares about people like them.

Both Trump and Clinton should recognize that if they continue to fail to impress, then Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson could gain the polling percentages necessary to qualify for the debates.

According to Fluent's "Election 2016 Omnichannel Marketing Effectiveness Survey" conducted on July 30, 2016, Trump's effectiveness on email has increased noticeably from 12% of respondents saying they have seen or read a Trump email advertisement on July 9, to 18% who have on July 30.

In 2012, the final Suffolk Florida poll predicted a 3-point win for Democrat Barack Obama over Republican Mitt Romney.

"I have acknowledged repeatedly that using two email accounts was a mistake and I take responsibility for that but I do think having him say that my answers to the Federal Bureau of Investigation were truthful and, then I should quickly add, that what I said was consistent with what I said publicly and that's really in my view ties my both ends together", Clinton added. "Or when another news organization gets banned for reporting what he says". AP material published by, is done so with explicit permission. Please see our terms of service for more information.

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