Salman Khan's Sultan day 9 box office collections: Great Grand Masti, beware!

Box Office Sultan Shatters All Records In Its Opening Weekend Performs Best On Sunday

It is also the first movie in Bollywood which had over Rs 30+ Crore business for 5 subsequent days. The film has collected Rs. 95 Crores at the overseas market, total Domestic collection is Rs. 211.66 Crores. And now, after approximately a week after the release, it is being recorded that the movie has crossed the mark of 200 Crores within five days of its release. With his most recent releases, we have seen Khan steadily break the archetype of typical Bollywood heroes (largely established by himself) and venture into more relatable grounded characters-the de-evolution of Salman Khan, if you will. For his fans Eid celebrations aren't complete without a film from their idol. This year too, his wrestling drama has raised sky-high expectations in the trade with an unbelievable box office record in just few days.

Sultan's Rs 36.54 crore collection on day one will also be the highest opening day collection for a sports based film. The movie has all of the elements in it. The First day and the second-day collections are already in the way to reach the anticipated figure with fulfilling 50%.

Sultan is expected to earn more than Rs 300 crore at the box office in India. For a regular mainstream release, maintaining a run rate of 10 crore per day even on a weekend is considered to be fair enough and here, Sultan is doing it on the weekend. Pakistan Biggest Opening Day Ever.

"'Sultan' creates history... Had an unprecendented five-day weekend..." (INR 180.36 Cr NBOC & INR 253 Cr GBOC).

With Sultan, Salman has 10 films in the prestigious Rs 100-crore club. We have only spoken during group discussions with Ali (Abbas Zafar), and the ADs. It is also interesting to note that the film is set in Haryana where instances of female foeticide are alarmingly high. The last moments of the film aptly reflect the essence of any fight in our life which is all about fighting what lies within and that everyone is invincible unless one concedes defeat to oneself.

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