Paul Manafort Makes Ohio Audience Groan For Taking Shot At John Kasich

Delegates RNC Monday

Paul Manafort says the Trump and Portman campaigns are working "very closely" together. "And we want to make sure people do that safely", he said.

Ted Cruz pulled the plug on their respective campaigns and cleared the path for Trump. The ultimate goal for the group, referred to as "unbinding" or "conscience" supporters, is to allow delegates to vote for whomever they choose, with the hope of preventing Trump from getting to the 1,237 number to clinch the nomination on the first ballot and opening the door for someone else - who is yet to be identified - to get the nomination.

After weeks of speculation and decisions over whether or not to accept or decline invitations, Republicans will descend on Cleveland Monday for the start of their convention.

The dissenters included many upset with Trump's stances on immigration, including a plan to build a wall at the Mexican border, and his push to keep Muslim visitors from entering the U.S. The official RNC app, which offers produced video segments, details about speakers and a livestream of the convention, also is available for download through the Apple and the Google Play stores.

"One of the reasons is party unity, so many people have said, 'party unity.' Because I'm an outsider".

About a dozen are legally carrying guns near downtown Cleveland, but there's no obvious sign of a police presence.

Another tactic would be to convince a majority of delegates to reject the rules, which would force the committee to reopen debate and put the 2012 rules back in place as temporarily governing the convention.

With security concerns on the minds of most, the Cleveland Police Union asked Governor John Kasich to suspend Ohio's open-carry law during the convention.

Manafort spoke at a Bloomberg breakfast, repeating an earlier comment in which he said Kasich is, "embarrassing" Ohio. He says it's more about exercising their rights.

OH state law allows the open carry of firearms and guns will be allowed inside the event zone surrounding the convention - though they will be barred by the Secret Service in the more immediate perimeter. Kasich countered that he doesn't have the authority to do so.

He said he was surprised by an outpouring of support from people on Monday, including hugs and requests for pictures.

Campaigning in Cincinnati on Monday afternoon, Democrat Clinton called for an end to the "madness", saying that if elected she would use all her powers to hold those who kill police officers legally accountable. Several family members and friends are slated to speak to his character and reveal a side of Trump that Americans may not know.

After months of preparation, anxiety, and predictions, the Republican National Convention officially begins on Monday night. Kerry Woolard, the general manager of Trump Winery, will discuss her work alongside the presumptive Republican nominee in a prime-time speaking slot.

About 600 Cleveland officers were assigned to convention security duty along with thousands of officers from other agencies.

Facebook and ABC also announced a partnership Monday in which ABC will stream its digital coverage of the convention to Facebook, which includes up to eight different live feeds at any given time.

For the city of Cleveland, the convention will be a test of its ability to maintain order and safety at a time when tension and deadly violence has erupted between police and African Americans across the country in recent weeks.

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