Donald Trump: RNC will 'very civil' but not 'too civil'

"You have turned this unlikely campaign into a movement that is still gaining in strength and number", she said.

"We're gonna win so big", the celebrity businessman and former Atlantic City casino magnate told the crowd.

She praised his "simple goodness" and his loyalty to and love of family - while noting the "drama" that comes with Trump in politics.

Clinton was expected to be a frequent target of the eclectic group of lawmakers, military service members and entertainers headlining opening night of the convention.

Another unofficial theme of the evening was to bash the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"Who would trust Hillary Clinton to protect them? It focuses on certainly the global peace that, you know, the point of the campaign.The points the campaign is making relate to certainly the rise of terrorism, -the dysfunctionality in the Middle East, a lack of leadership presented by the Obama and Clinton administration around the world and the consequences of that weak or failed leadership", Manafort said. But numerous party's past and future stars are glaringly missing from the lineup, underscoring the concerns Republican leaders have with closely aligning themselves with Trump.

Despite demands from social conservatives and other Trump foes for a roll call, hundreds of socially conservative delegates opposed to nominating Trump protested noisily after the convention's presiding officer, Arkansas GOP Rep. Steve Womack, abruptly put the rules to a vote and declared them approved by voice. Trump's opponents had little chance of stopping his march.

"He is tough when he has to be, but he's also kind and fair and caring". Homeland Security and police have beefed up their presence around the convention. On stage in Cleveland, he said simply that "Hillary Clinton wants to be president for Hillary Clinton".

"Hillary Clinton can not be trusted". But he'll give a speech Tuesday that will be closely watched to see how he'll handle his delicate relationship with Trump.

"Our country is underperforming and needs new leadership", she said.

Melania Trump's speech was decidedly un-Donald. And on the final night of the convention on Thursday, Ivanka is slated to introduce her father before he delivers a speech accepting the GOP's presidential nomination. Entertainers taking the stage include actor Scott Baio and Willie Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty.

Donald Trump had promised a "monumentally magnificent" display at the convention, and he didn't disappoint as he emerged, Hollywood-style, through a fog to introduce his wife.

Trump's campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the thinking behind the phone interview. But campaign officials undermined their own effort Monday by picking a fight with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is not attending the convention and has yet to endorse Trump.

It already was the third time Paul Manafort had criticized the OH governor today for "embarrassing" his home state and party - after a political breakfast and TV appearance - and it was barely 10 a.m.

A string of senior Republicans, anxious about Trump's temperament and policies, were already avoiding the convention. When House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke to Wisconsin delegates Monday morning, he made no mention of Trump in his remarks.

"He got beaten very, very badly", Trump said.

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