'Black Lives Matter': a movement that defies definition

"We have to be able to talk about these things, honestly and openly, not just in the comfort of our own circles, but with folks who look differently and think differently than we do", he said in his weekly address.

Those demands were the basis of what turned a peaceful protest into a disruptive one, after 18 people were arrested for obstructing a public way, on Commercial Street. One person commented that the image is "a visual representation of #irony and #hypocrisy; #Racist protesters using Black police officers for protection".

"There is an actual Black Lives Matter organization and there is a chapter in Toronto, but nowhere else in Canada", said Tamir.

In London, where Vincent joined a protest on July 10, police shootings are rare.

With Black Lives Matter protests happening throughout the country, including two recently in Omaha and Lincoln, Justin Simmons said he thought central Nebraska should also take stand.

New Hampshire organizers with the Black Lives Matter movement are planning a peaceful march through downtown Manchester aimed at showing solidarity with activists nationwide who are advocating for fair treatment of black Americans by police.

Police say they will be well resourced and prepared to act if the rally turns violent.

"It's not about black and white or any other color it's about all lives matter and everybody respecting that", said Kerry Finnery, a Black Lives Matter supporter.

"It's really given us a catalyst to move forward", Johnson says.

Sauschuck said his department received several phone calls during the rally from Portland residents who he said wanted to show their support for police. "They did exactly that and I have no doubt that their message was heard".

The "We The People" petition process allows anyone to file a petition with the government and if the petition receives more than 100,000 signatures, the White House will respond. We want to live in a world where people don't die by gunfire.

Prior to Sunday night's protest, Donnelly said he had no problem with the march.

TAPPER: Are you going to be saying that this evening? "How can you say black lives matter and want other races to respect you, but black people are killing each other?"

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