Watch Sheriff David Clarke decimate CNN's Don Lemon over Black Lives Matter

Don Lemon had a doozy of an interview with David A. Clarke, Jr.

When Lemon said he wants to keep things civil, Clarke told him "Don, I wish you had that message of civility towards this hateful ideology, these purveyors of hate". Unable to get Clarke under control, Lemon made the decision to end the first part of the segment, quickly cutting to a commercial.

David A. Clarke Jr., a Democrat, was elected to a 4-year term as the sheriff of Milwaukee County in 2002, and was re-elected in 2006, 2010 and 2014. That's the day that Clarke spoke at the National Rifle Association convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

Lemon asks Clarke to "keep it down", to which Clarke replies, "I'm looking at three dead cops this week and I'm looking at five dead're trying to tell me to keep it down?"

The protest movement began after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., almost two years ago, and has continued through today, with protests other police-involved shootings of black men. Clarke was on Lemon's show to comment on the shooting deaths Sunday of three police officers in Baton Rouge.

Clarke thinks President Obama should have disavowed the anti-law enforcement sentiments expressed by the Black Lives Matter movement and suggests a good start to ease tensions is for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to publically dissociate herself with such groups at the annual NAACP conference across the state in Cincinnati on Monday. Lemon brought up white-on-white crime, with Clarke retorting that he didn't care about who white folks killed.

When Lemon press Clarke for a response to the killings, the sheriff said. He claimed black males biggest threat to their lives was other black males.

"Sheriff Milwaukee County. MA Security Studies NPS. As a law enforcement officer?"

The high spirited interview garnered a lot of feedback on social media. Some of those reactions are listed below.

"Was there any reporting on that?" repeated Sheriff Clarke.

Clarke disrespects, over-talks and interrupts Lemon to point out that he "predicted" that cops would be harmed because of the movement.

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