Draft GOP Platform Calls to Undo Marriage Equality, Endorses Conversion Therapy

Though the move by some Republican party activists to try and soften language in the party's platform on LGBT issues failed, there were, according to the Huffington Post, about twenty on the 112-strong Rules Committee who raised their hands in favor of the more moderate LGBT language.

The party platform, however, is retaining language opposing the Obama administration's transgender bathroom mandate that all public schools allow boys to use girls' bathrooms and vice versa if they believe they are the opposite sex. Perhaps in deference to the twice-divorced and thrice-married Donald Trump, platform committee members did vote down an amendment condemning no-fault divorce.

After Tuesday's meeting, the platform committee's leaders, appointed by Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus, said Trump took a hands-off approach to the group's work.

Republicans veered sharply to the right on immigration, family values and climate change as they crafted the party's platform ahead of next week's convention that will formally anoint Donald Trump as their White House nominee.

It seemed alarming enough this week when Republican officials added a provision to the national platform labeling pornography "a public health crisis" and a "public menace" that is destroying lives. She derided the party's "hurtful rhetoric on this issue", and asked that the party apply its belief in the principle of freedom to LGBT Americans. One is the veep, the other is judges, and the third is the Republican platform.

The platform calls for overturning the Supreme Court's landmark 2015 ruling on same-sex marriage with a constitutional amendment and there is also language that refers to "natural marriage" between a man and a woman.

Trillo is serving as a Republican electoral delegate for the third time. Fewer conservatives also oppose same-sex marriage now than they did four years ago.

The change reflected both political and legal reality, said Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council and a committee member from Louisiana.

" We are your daughters, we are your sons, your friends, your colleagues, the couple that sits next to you in church".

The Amendment was easily passed by the GOP platform committee.

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma afterwards defended the decision, explaining that this opposition has "been the longtime tradition of the Republican Party". "However, I think it's important that the world know that we are supportive of our LGBT community and that community is being attacked as we saw in Orlando".

The Log Cabin Republicans' Angelo says that while there are GOP members "hell bent on doubling down on anti-gay language in the platform", that document "is just not representative of the LGBT community or Republicans in general".

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