Big surprise awaits JoJo Fletcher at rose ceremony

JoJo Fletcher Talks Final 4 Men on'The Bachelorette

That leaves Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers to compete for JoJo's final rose on the three-hour season finale that airs August 1 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Chad arrived in Los Angeles several days before Saturday's Men Tell All taping and spent time with one Jenn Greene, who is a reality TV producer and the ex-girlfriend of one of JoJo's guys, Grant Kemp. Watch the hometown dates episode on Monday, July 18, followed by the overnight dates on July 25.

First, JoJo heads to Colorado to meet Chase's family, where she learns that his parents' divorce is so bitter, that she will have to meet with each of them separately. In The Bachelorette 2016 episode 8 spoilers, JoJo will first meet Chase McNary's family and later Jordan Rodgers' family. He takes her on a tour of his hometown, including his alma mater, but she also discovers something disturbing.

"Jordan doesn't have a relationship with his brother Aaron but I didn't realize this wound is as deep as it is, so now I'm nervous", she admits on camera. During this sneak peek, Robby's mom tells him that his ex's roommate has started talking to the press - and saying that he dumped her just to go on the show.

"Your ex's roommate has made it look like you broke up to go on the show, and it's rumored", Robby's mom tells him in the new sneak peak.

"There's rumors about Robby and his ex-girlfriend", JoJo says. "I just don't want to get heartbroken again".

Fallon showed Wiig's JoJo pictures of the final four contestants, but she didn't seem to know any of their names, making up monikers for the contestants. "Is there any truth to what is being talked about?" For instance, when Fallon asked her about what happens in the fantasy suites, Wiig's JoJo replied, half-asking, "The fantasy suites? My heart is broken".

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