Trump Rambles Through Introducing Pence As VP

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump right shakes hands with Gov. Mike Pence R-Ind. during a campaign event to announce Pence as the vice presidential running mate on Saturday

Trump chose Pence in part to ease some Republicans' concerns about Trump's temperament and lack of political experience.

The governor of IN was formally presented as Trump's running mate Saturday, a day after Trump announced the choice on Twitter. Terrorist attacks at home and overseas, grim and heartbreaking scenes from France just a few short days ago, the attempted coup in Turkey, all attest to a world spinning apart.

"One of the reasons is party unity, I have to be honest", Trump said, emphasizing how much he has tried to stay outside the GOP establishment even as he rose to claim the nomination. Especially when the running mate isn't well-known nationally, as with Pence, the announcement typically lavishes praise on the running mate and promotes his credentials, ending with a photo of the pair clasping hands aloft. That's to be expected for any mainstream conservative Trump might have picked.

Brandishing his running mate's job-creating credentials, Trump ticked through a list of statistics he said showed how Pence had pulled IN out of economic recessions: an unemployment rate that fell to less than 5 percent on his watch, an uptick IN the labor force and a decrease IN IN residents on unemployment insurance.

"Most people think it was more of an endorsement for me than it was Cruz".

Trump continued: "He talked about Trump, then he talked about Ted - who's a good guy by the way, who is going to be speaking at the convention". Long term, who knows if his unconventional approach will serve him well? Many in the media have focused on whether the campaign bungled this moment, but Trump's strength has been in his ability to get attention by not following the script.

After reading a script of Pence's successes in Indiana, Trump ceded the stage to Pence, and the differences in the two men's styles were thrown into sharp relief. "When I see what happened with respect to the numbers with the state and everything else, that to me was probably the single most important point", Trump said. "We're exhausted of being told that this is as good as it gets".

We can not have four more years of apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. "Hillary Clinton is a crook".

"Thank you for the honor and God bless the United States of America", Pence concluded.

Mr Trump's decision to select Mr Pence was seen as a move to unify the Republican Party, which remains deeply divided in the wake of the NY real estate mogul's primary victory.

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