Ohio delegation gives cold shoulder to Trump

Just one day out from the official start of the Republican convention in Cleveland, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort said Sunday that the four-day event will do two things: show people the presumptive nominee is prepared to be president, and give them a "very personal" sense of who he is. Neither will Sen. Rob Portman, although he does support Trump. "I think it was a great choice for Trump to reunite the party".

"They're going to see more of the man". Haugland said Monday. "That kind of changes the tune about a lot of these Rule 16 delegate binding proponents".

That realization seemed to be dawning on all but the most hard-headed convention delegates by Thursday night, when an anti-Trump group on the rules committee failed to advance their effort.

The Republican National Convention runs July 18-21 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

A federal judge ruled that a Virginia state law fining Republican delegates up $2,500 if they didn't vote for the victor of the state primary overstepped the boundaries between the state and political parties. "He laid out every trade deal we had and what was wrong with them", Rankin said.

Missouri Republican Party leaders say Trump will receive votes from at least 37 of the state's 52 delegates, the amount allotted to him as a result of winning the statewide vote and five of the eight congressional districts in the March 15 primary. "I would say he's not a Republican". "This is my ninth convention".

But she hasn't agreed with Trump on some big policy issues, such as a restrictions on Muslims immigrating to the United States.

Yakym said Trump was not his first choice for president. He also endorsed Sen.

In his op-ed, the former Florida governor implored Republicans to protect their control of Congress, and called on the party to "reintroduce civility, ideas and optimism back into politics". Ted Cruz but are now free to support whomever they want because Cruz is no longer running.

Nix said it won't be like it was four years ago. But he said the delegation is now unified.

Delegates: California will send nearly 350 delegates to the convention, the largest delegation of any state.

Cleveland officials are promising increased security during the Republican gathering, with resources from city, state and federal authorities.

Even as the chasm between him and Trump has relegated Kasich to a backseat role at the GOP convention, the OH governor continues to spread his ideas.

"It's a busy time", he said.

In addition, congressmen including U.S. Reps. Ron DeSantis, R-Ponte Vedra, and John Mica, R-Winter Park, will be there.

"It's challenging, but the bottom line is that Rubio and some of the other [candidates] are in closely contested races", MacManus said. It's a chance to reward your major donors and activists with parties and goodies while also exposing them to not just this year's presidential nominee but the future of the party as well. "You're going to have friends who have known him speaking". I am one of them. "After that, they move on to the other things in life". He said, however, that he did not think additional lawsuits were planned in those states.

"Some Republicans say they want to shake things up. but are anxious about him as a president", Norpoth said.

This is a home game for him in a metaphoric sense, because Trump became a household name by putting on productions. "And that's not the intensity you need to win".

Some, like David Hancock of Gwinnett County, Georgia, and Cecil Stinemetz, a Cruz delegate from Iowa, are still hoping that the convention will find a way to not nominate Trump as the GOP's presidential candidate. But he was optimistic - to a point.

"He was very persuasive", Byler said.

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