Dallas gunman left message written in blood

"There was quite a bit of rambling in the journal that's hard to decipher".

Brown said police are still going through Johnson's laptop and mobile phone to determine whether others are connected, and they "haven't ruled out whether or not others are complicit".

"We're all on edge and being very careful", Brown said.

The details made for significant new disclosures about the killings that have rocked the Dallas community and the nation. In Louisiana, a man was accused of posting a video online showing him in his vehicle behind a police auto, saying he wanted to shoot and kill an officer.

Brown said he wanted to avoid his own officers shouldering the responsibility of security for the president due to "the fatigue factor" following the events of the last week.

"And it's sort of like being in a relationship where you love that person, but that person can't express or show you love back", he said.

"We want to make sure there's nobody else out there that had something to do with this", Brown said. "That should be fairly easy".

The fact that Johnson had material for explosives and talked of using homemade bombs during a standoff with police before he was killed indicated he could have inflicted more damage with more time, said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Brown said police do not yet know the meaning of the initials "R.B." which Johnson, an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, wrote in blood on the walls of the parking garage of El Centro College where he was holed up for hours before police sent in a remote-controlled bomb robot that killed him.

"There is a heightened sense of awareness over threats we've seen all around the country", Brown said.

That, Brown said, is when his officers devised a plan to use a robot to detonate a bomb near the gunman.

Brown said he and his family have received death threats since the shooting, according to Fox affiliate KDFW.

"He was secreted behind a brick corner", he said, "and the only way to get a sniper shot to end his trying to kill us would be to expose officers to grave danger".

"We can't kiss, hug and make up until there is a rectifying of the structures of hate", he said from the pulpit to roaring applause. I appreciate critics, but they're not on the ground, their lives are not being put at risk by debating what tactics to take. Shootings by police were down 45 percent in 2015, and until Thursday there had been only one incident this year in which a suspect was wounded in a confrontation with police, Brown said.

"We're hiring", he said.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown on Monday urged young black men who fear police to "become part of the solution" and submit a job application. "$40,000 a year", he said. "And this is not sustainable, not to support these people. We're asking cops to do too much in this country, we are, we're just asking us to do too much, every societal failure, we put it off on the cops to solve, not enough mental health funding, let the cop handle it, not enough drug addiction funding, let's give it to the cops".

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