Trump delays VP announcement in wake of Nice attack

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Donald Trump

Multiple media outlets reported on Thursday that Donald Trump has chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to join his ticket in the vice president slot. "I'm a competitive person so I'm not going to say it won't bother me if I'm not selected", Mr Christie said on MSNBC in an interview aired on Thursday. Pence was seen by TV networks arriving at a NY area airport. The campaign did not comment further.

A New York Times/CBS poll shows that Trump and Clinton are in a dead heat with 40% of voters nationally supporting each candidate. Traditionally, the vice presidential choice is used to build enthusiasm among party loyalists. All these qualities make him the ideal choice for Trump's vice president.

"I'm not anxious at all", Barbknecht said about the possibility of replacing Pence on the ballot. "He'll be able to defend him as well as be a cheerleader but do it in a calm, cool, collected manner that will preserve his credibility".

Gingrich packs the political punch that Trump lacks.

"The Pences enjoyed spending warm, productive time with the Trumps", said Pence spokesman Marc Lotter in a statement the following day. Both men have built a political career on their own willingness to go off script, to freelance, to "tell it like it is".

"I think he is going to be a great president. Of course it bothers you a little bit", Christie said.

Pence would give Trump a younger, conservative favorite to help heal the rift within the Republican Party and ease the minds of many still skeptical of the presumptive presidential nominee. Plus, Pence has Washington experience, while Trump has never held elected office.

The report, if it is true, would likely be welcomed by Republicans looking for a solid conservative voice on the ticket.

Holcomb met Thursday at the governor's residence with Pence, who picked the former state Republican chairman as lieutenant governor in March after the resignation of 2012 running mate Sue Ellspermann.

It's unclear how much of a boost Pence will be for Trump. Trump has said he opposes abortion, but his views have been inconsistent, and he has said Planned Parenthood provides some valuable services. He called Trump's attacks on an Indiana-born judge of Mexican heritage "inappropriate", and said his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States was "offensive and unconstitutional". And he said Eric was doing a "damn good job". He opposes amnesty for immigrants and supports the border down.

Mr. Pence has endorsed free-trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an Asian trade deal that Mr. Trump has described as a "rape" of the American economy.

"They actually told me they will get together and if they think their father is off on the wrong track, as a group they will sit with him", D'Antonio said, though cautioned that the billionaire did not always take his children's advice.

But the IN governor's Midwestern appeal and conservative establishment bona fides make him a solid choice to counterbalance Trump's unorthodox campaign and unite the GOP behind a single ticket.

Some Republican lawmakers say they like the idea of Pence as Trump's running mate, saying the decision would improve "the tone and tenor of the debate". Jeff Sessions, who as been serving as an adviser to Trump, is back in Washington after his trip to in on Wednesday. Pence, who is running for re-election, faces a noon Friday deadline to withdraw from the race.

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