Slamming Trump, Clinton promises action on immigration

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An Associated Press-GfK poll finds that Hillary Clinton enters the summer damaged by perceptions that she violated the law by using a private email system while serving as secretary of state. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) from the race, Clinton's response generated generated over a million likes and retweets.

Eighty percent of Trump supporters and three-quarters of Clinton backers say a major reason for their support is opposition to the other candidate. Trump is at 19 percent.

On Wednesday, a poll by the Quinnipiac University showed that Trump has also overtaken Clinton in three swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The poll suggests perceptions that Clinton is dishonest, already a major issue for her campaign, are growing.

The popular new game "Pokemon Go" has officially made its way onto the 2016 campaign trail - literally.

On Tuesday, Sanders officially endorsed the former first lady - but for a suspected deal between her campaign and the FBI, Hillary Clinton might instead be heading to prison.

"I want to do everything I can as president to keep families together and that's one of the many reasons to finally get immigration reform through", Clinton added. Clinton's large batch of biographical ads has given her an opportunity to directly influence views about her image. "She's going to be seen as a history-making, glass-ceiling shattering, female president".

"People think of me as an attacker but I'd rather be talking about policy", said Trump.

"It's reasonable to think that the attention that was paid to Mrs. Clinton and her non-indictment by the Justice Department may well have had something to do with that".

Among Hispanic voters surveyed, 73 percent believe Trump is racist. She is considered a liar by 42 percent, with 39 percent saying she isn't.

This poll was conducted by telephone July 8-12, among a random sample of 1,600 adults nationwide, including 1,358 registered voters.

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