Pokemon Go: how to get Pikachu as your starter

It might be eating through a lot of data on your phone- but it's just a blip when it comes to New Zealand's soaring internet usage

Many users have shared their Pokemon Go experiences online, but they have also expressed some comments about the current version of the game.

Pokemon GO, which is free to play, has become so popular that it's caused the game's servers to crash.

To make your Pokemon more powerful in lesser time, you need to collect more Candy and Stardust quickly.

Nintendo stocks soaring. The Japanese company worth an estimated nine billion more than it was last week after launching the new virtual reality game Pokemon GO. Return any Pokemon you don't use back to the Professor to get an additional one Candy on top of what you already earned for catching it originally. Catching the same Pokemon types over and over won't give you much XP after awhile since it only rewards you 100 XP and there needs to be other means to level up faster.

What's more, your phone's camera can be linked up with the app to allow you to project the Pokemon into your road or living room. That tradition doesn't just continue in Pokemon GO, it is taken to the next level. You can possibly find them from Pokestops, although that's extremely rare, or you can simply purchase them from the shop.

You might be wondering why the feat alone evolves these trainers into true heroes, and the reason all comes down to insane amounts of candy. However, those players will miss the chance of catching Pikachu.

If you get annoyed by slow walkers in airports, think how frustrating it could be finding your path blocked by a half-dozen Pokemon GO players.

Look at Magikarp's evolution requirements in Pokemon GO. Besides, if one person uses a Lure Module everyone else in the same team can benefit out of it, as more Pokemons will surface in the same location.

Although the glitch may not work every time, it does work if you try multiple times. An evolved Pokemon will not only have higher stats, it will also help you defend your gym.

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