Niantic Taking Requests for New Gyms and PokeStop for Pokemon Go

" It's all the craze right now, but still, some people are wondering, what exactly is it?" Of course, this isn't definitive proof of anything, but it is possible that the popular fast food chain might just end up being the first sponsored PokeStop in the game.

"Pokemon Go" - an augmented reality smartphone app that uses a phone's Global Positioning System and camera to allow users to hunt for virtual Pokemon characters in the real world - has exploded in popularity.

Pokemon GO lets the player capture a Pokemon, evolve it, level up their trainer as well as explore their surrounding locations to visit Pokestops and claim and defend Gyms. I'll explain those later.

The safest way to play is to walk with a buddy to various locations, staying away from dark alleys at 2 a.m.

The game grew to include a trading card game and new video games every couple of years.

This method was discovered by a Reddit user, and it seems to have resulted in a smoother Pokemon GO experience. You can register for the club if you don't have an existing account.

Next, you pick how your character - a Pokemon trainer - looks by selecting hair color, clothing color, etc. "If there's buyers then go for it ..." But John Hanke, head of Niantic - the company that partnered with the Pokemon company to make the game - told The New York Times this week that firms would be able to buy locations "in the near future". Those tiny critters pop up on your screen, appearing to be waiting on sidewalks, cars, landmarks and just about anything else for you to chuck Pokeballs at. Not to mention it takes a bit off of your mobile data since you have to constantly leave the house in order to catch more Pokemon.

Each time you miss, your Pokeball count goes down.

So what's the strangest place in St. Louis you've caught Pokemon or found a Pokestop? We gotten a few of those during the beta. While the app is filled with locations in major cities, some areas offer far fewer PokeStops for players. Maintaining a gym will earn the players gold (rather than having to spend real-life money on it), so there's an incentive to claim one and hold on to it. Learning through a game allows children to become immersed in content.

Make sure your phone has plenty of battery.

Medals can be earned from accomplishing various tasks, including catching 10 flying-type Pokemon or catching 10, 20, 30 Pokemon, etc. Of course, when this was revealed many players thought they'd be making their very own Team Rocket, or some...

"I think you're going to see this used a lot more in education because you give a child something like this that's gamified and you can gear it towards a content and have them learn content", he said.

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