Britain's new PM May assembles cabinet

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A hard task ahead indeed, with 463 MPs having said they were for "Remain" versus the 150 MPs who said they were for "Leave" ahead of the June 23 vote. Elizabeth invited May to form a government in a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace, formally clearing the way for May to succeed Cameron as leader of Britain's year-old Conservative government. He added: "Nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to it", Cameron claimed. She has been Home Secretary for six years, a tough post that requires tenacity.

Theresa May's entrance into office "is one of the few calls for stability in British politics in what has been an extremely tumultuous time", Klaas says.

Welsh political figures welcomed her appointment and paid tribute to her predecessor yesterday afternoon.

As she left 10 Downing Street, she told the awaiting press: "I am very pleased".

Replying to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is facing his own leadership challenge, Cameron poked fun at Labour's leadership turmoil, noting that the Tories had had "resignation, nomination, competition and coronation" while Labour is still working out the rules for its contest.

A quiet but prevailing sense that most people wish their Prime Minister well and want them to stick at it, and get on with the job.

May's first meeting with key European Union leaders could be at the G20 summit in China on September 4 or 5.

Mr Cameron told his MPs that he meant to stay in public life and would be "willing them on", saying "nothing is impossible". "After all, as I once said, I was the future once".

The confident, easygoing product of a privileged background - the first prime minister to say he liked to "chillax" - Cameron said he hoped to be remembered as a social reformer.

"And that, in the end - the public service, the national interest - that is what it's all about".

In his final prime ministerial statement in the street outside Number 10, Mr Cameron said that he believed he was leaving the country "much stronger" and the economy "immeasurably stronger" after his six years in office. He thanked him for "standing beside Israel, the good relations and the strengthening of ties" during his leadership. His daughters Nancy and Florence were seen to give their father a wave and cheer him on during the session. May has said she will not start the process until next year, but she may face strong pressure to accelerate the plan.

Theresa May Theresa May PM Prime Minister Theresa May Brexit Brexit news new britain prime minister world uk uk news theresa may takes charge latest theresa may theresa may updates
Britain's new PM May assembles cabinet

May is Queen Elizabeth's 13th prime minister in a line that started with Winston Churchill.

May is the second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher, also a Conservative politician, who led the country from 1979 until 1990.

In contrast to Margaret Thatcher, who chose to be surrounded by an all-male Cabinet for almost her entire time in Downing Street, sources close to Mrs May say that she is determined to put into effect a long held belief that there should be a better gender balance at the top end of the government.

"I see no reason why we wouldn't hire people who were non-British if they were the best people to do the job", foreign minister, Philip Hammond, said on Tuesday.

May takes over later on Wednesday and is expected to announce her key Cabinet appointments shortly afterwards.

In his first term as Prime Minister, Mr Cameron was in charge of a coalition government with the Lib Dems, whose Cabinet members reined in Conservative ministers who wanted to take decisions that the Lib Dems felt would be unpopular with the electorate.

Boris Johnson, probably the best-known member of the new cabinet in the USA, is now Britain's foreign secretary, making him the country's senior diplomat as Britain extricates itself from the EU.

European Union officials are congratulating new British Prime Minister Theresa May and saying that Britain and Brussels will have to move soon to address the consequences of the country's vote to leave the bloc.

Ms May faces a gargantuan task ahead of her to steer the United Kingdom through uncertain waters as she leads the charge in negotiations with European Union on trade and other various agreements as well as beginning the process of uniting the UK once again.

Asked her about her prospects, Ms Rudd told reporters: "I haven't been told anything yet so I'm just going to get on with my day job".

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