What delegates will do at the Republican and Democratic conventions

RNC General Counsel John Ryder, who is also a Trump delegate from Tennessee, presented the main points to the committee, giving his legal opinion on why delegates to the Republican National Convention are bound to the victor of their state's primary or caucus on the first ballot.

Dumping the party's presumptive presidential nominee is a longshot.

Trump, his adult children and key staffers huddled with one of the prospects, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Wednesday morning at the governor's mansion, a day after the pair campaigned together in the state.

Countering that, the renegade Republicans are setting up a high-tech messaging system to coordinate with organizers on the convention floor and plan to launch ads micro-targeted to the delegates' social media pages. Likewise, state party rules can not bind delegates, because the rules adopted at the national convention supersede all other rules. He was especially frustrated that his suggestion for a Silicon Valley seat didn't make the cut, while Luis Buhler, a party leader from Cupertino with no ties to Trump, was chosen as a delegate.

This year's Republican convention will be packed with all of the usual pomp and political theater.

Watch Team Trump's Rules Committee study group - Vincent DeVito, Demetra Demonte, Alex Willette and Bill Palatucci - to get a sense of how confident the Trump campaign feels about the conscience clausedebate.

"I highly doubt it", Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in a brief interview of the prospects that the rebels would succeed. "I think the unbind stuff has died off considerably over the last 10 days or so". With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the main event at each one, it will be worth paying attention to what goes on this year.

Evans said Trump can apparently count on at least 1,700 devoted delegates - enough to fend off any rule changes. When the Weekly Standard asked Kendal Unruh why she thinks she has 28 and whether Lee specifically figures into that calculation, she said with a laugh, "I won't be able to tell you anything either on the record, but I'm gonna get the votes".

"Most people are not going to sit around and say, 'Okay, that's okay, '" he said. He's a regular opener for the presumptive GOP nominee at rallies.

Eastland says he supports the movement to allow delegates to back anyone, but concedes it will be "very, very difficult" to prevail. But Kasich must send a clear signal this week that he is ready to serve if the delegates find Trump unqualified.

At a meeting today, the GOP's top lawyer dismissed efforts to persuade delegates at the convention to vote their conscience, saying that emails from anti-Trump forces are "not true". "We're waiting to nail down the final date and time, but I look forward to talking about our military and our veterans, and what we need to do to make sure that we're serving them, so they can serve us", he said. "Frankly that's the question before us and it's not an easy one", she told FOX 17 on Tuesday. They must win over 28 members of the powerful, 112-member convention rules committee to support their cause.

A sitting senator preaching "coup" at the convention is as much political cover as a rogue delegate could reasonably hope for. She, like other anti-Trumpers, insists RNC delegates already have the right to vote against their states' primary results.

Two Jewish groups are maintaining a profile typical of their past participation - at venues near the conventions, but raising issues not directly related to the nomination.

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