Trump and family's meeting with Mike Pence fuels VP speculation

Trump told The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday he is looking for a "fighter skilled in hand-to-hand combat" as his second-in-command, but hadn't seen enough of Pence to measure his fight. Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

Sources claim Trump's children are pushing their father to pick Pence, while the billionaire is leaning towards Christie.

Trump is clearly comfortable with both Gingrich and Christie, a factor that Trump advisers say is important to him.

Trump tells Fox News channel he's getting closer to his decision.

Gov. Mike Pence met with Trump Wednesday morning.

At a rally in IN on Tuesday night, Mr Trump said of Pence: "I don't know whether he's going to be your governor or your vice president, who the hell knows?"

Pence, who faces a Friday deadline on whether to have his name on the ballot to seek another term as governor, said he was humbled to be considered for Trump's running mate.

"It's not settled", the adviser said, according to the report. "Trump is being pushed in one direction but his gut has gotten him to where he is".

However, sources said it's clear Kushner opposes the idea of Christie - though the two have developed a working relationship in recent months.

He says that, "continuing to lay out this choice to the American people is part of what campaigns are all about". "That's exactly what these guys are doing right now - is saying 'here's why I'm better than X'".

Following Christie's unsuccessful bid for president, he has spent much of his time in an advisory position to the Trump campaign.

"He's a gifted debater", the source said, and "the most publicity that any VP candidate is going to get is the debate".

Paul Manafort, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's campaign chairman, told CNN Wednesday evening that Trump will make his vice presidential pick on Friday.

Republican Donald Trump is holed up in a downtown Indianapolis hotel meeting with several of his potential running mates as he finalizes his choice.

Pence also abandoned plans uncovered by the Indianapolis Star to launch a state-run news agency after another round of damaging headlines. Sessions told a reporter Wednesday that "we'll have a visit, I think".

"I think we do, but I suspect he has pretty good chemistry with Christie", he continued. Of course, it would come as a shock to no one if Trump were to pick none of the above. Trump and his family met Wednesday morning with Gov. Pence, followed by a talk with Gingrich. Sen.

Pence, by contrast, is a bag of day-old white bread - bland and unappetizing, but unlikely to upset anyone's stomach, and held in high regard by social conservatives.

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