Marines playing 'Pokemon Go' catch attempted murder suspect

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up

Two "Pokemon Go" players out hunting virtual monsters in Orange County ended up helping catch a man wanted in Northern California on suspicion of attempted murder.

The woman and her children ran away, Ortega and Soch said. Police quickly attended the scene after the first family called and reported the situation.

During the arrest, the responding officers discovered Kells had an outstanding arrest warrant in another county in California "for multiple charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, assaulting a resisting a peace officer, possession of a stolen vehicle, and felony evading causing great bodily injury".

"A lot of people are just drawn into their phones, you know, staring in this, not really paying attention to what's going on", he said. The iPhone game, which encourages users to wander around their neighborhoods in search of diverse Pokemon, took Javier Soch, 26, and Seth Ortega, 24, to downtown Fullerton on what they thought was a regular Pokemon hunt.

You may have noticed that Pokemon Go is a bit of a "thing" at the moment.

The two Marines stayed with the man until police arrived.

Soch said he was thankful that his military training taught him to be observant and encouraged Pokemon Go players to follow the advice of the game's loading screen and remain aware of their surroundings while playing the game.

"I said, I don't have smokes but there's a police station nearby".

At that point, Ortega bolted across the street, grabbed the man, and escorted him away. "Just definitely not expecting to find this guy", Ortega told the Register.

Soch told the Times that "the experience has not diminished his enjoyment of the Pokemon Go game". Nothing too unusual about that, we hear you say.

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