Courthouse Shooter Was Cuffed, Sheriff Says

Undated courtesy photos of Joseph Zangaro (left) and Ronald Kienzle (right) who were killed at the Berrien County Courthouse on July 11, 2016.

The shootings of the bailiffs and the deputy came four days after four Dallas police officers and a Dallas transit police officer were killed by a sniper who claimed to be motivated by the use of lethal force by police against African-Americans.

Bailey says, "Our hearts are torn apart". They were my colleagues. "The only thing I can think of is that he was completely terrified, and people do things out of character when they're scared". Also injured was Berrien County deputy James Atterbury Jr who was shot in the arm. Bailey said Atterberry underwent surgery and is doing well in the Intensive Care Unit at Lakeland Hospital. A sheriff's deputy and civilian were also wounded, he said. Her identity was not released.

'I don't want the lies.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder traveled to St. Joseph on Monday evening and spoke at a news conference outside the courthouse.

"I ask that everyone reach out and try to be supportive of law enforcement across the state and across the country if possible in a hard case like this", Snyder said.

The community, looking for hope and healing, gathered at Atterbury's church, where his father is a pastor and where leaders of the congregation led prayers for the injured victims' recovery.

She said never would have thought he would do something like this. "He's a great guy".

Michigan State Police, county officers, the St. Joseph City Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation responded to the shooting.

Sheriff Bailey says it's been a sad day. It was not clear what the specific charges were.

Records show a jail inmate who killed two bailiffs at a southwestern MI courthouse was locked up on major felony charges. "They're both deceased", Bailey told reporters. He killed the two bailiffs and wounded the deputy before running into the pubic corridor, where other officers shot and killed him.

Bailey said it does not appear that Gordon was handcuffed, adding authorities had "no warning signs" that the suspect would be violent.

He said that in addition to the bailiffs who ran to help their coworkers and friends, the courthouse is filled with so many people who are affected in a multitude of ways, some so profoundly that they are finding it hard to function. Bailey said investigators are reviewing camera footage from the courthouse to determine how Gordon was able to grab the gun.

"There's been a lot of stuff lately, and it scared me".

The courthouse was closed Tuesday.

Berrien County Circuit Judge Charles LaSata was on the bench when all of it happened. "That's what we're going to determine, how they were escorting him". "This is a bad event to have happen, and we need to rally together".

Bailiffs - some with police background and some not - also provide court services and security. He retired from the Michigan State Police as commander of the Bridgman Post.

The courthouse is in St. Joseph, which is 100 miles northeast of Chicago.

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