Trump Meets With Former Rival Ted Cruz, GOP Leaders on Capitol Hill

However, things got tense in his Senate meeting when Sen. According to The New York Times, Arizona senator Jeff Flake, referring to himself as "the one who didn't get captured" (referring to Trump's past comments about fellow Arizona senator John McCain), said that he couldn't support Trump due to his comments about a Hispanic judge.

"When he attacks the other senator from Arizona, John McCain, and attacks his war record by saying I don't respect people who get captured, that's - what an bad, terrible thing to say about a war hero, a true war hero", Flake said.

Flake was alluding to Trump's comments previous year about Sen.

Trump said he would win also in IL, the home state of a third Republican critic, Senator Mark Kirk, who is in a tight re-election race and recently withdrew his endorsement of Trump.

The meeting comes as many Republicans on Capitol Hill are trying to come to grips with Trump's freewheeling style - on display Wednesday night during a speech in Cincinnati in which he reignited a controversy over a tweet some have said is anti-Semitic - that seems to appeal to many in the GOP base but could turn off the broader electorate heading into the November election.

Trump pointed out to Flake that he had never attacked him, but could begin doing so. However, the reunion not always stated focused as Trump admonished three senators who have been critical of him, as reported by the Washington Post. Pat Toomey, who is seeking re-election and, like Dent, has expressed reservations about Trump.

The meeting ran from roughly 7 a.m., to 10 a.m., with members running in and out trying to juggle committee hearings and the session with Trump.

Two Republican officials with a direct knowledge of the event commented that the presumptive Republican nominee predicted that the senators would lose their reelection bids due to their lack of support. His term expires in 2019.

And with that in mind, Trump spent some time with lawmakers yesterday, addressing House and Senate Republicans separately, hoping to cultivate a stronger relationship.

Trump in D.C., accompanied by his greatest supporter. Ben Sasse, Trump said, "Surely, you don't want Clinton".

WASHINGTON (AP) - A day after a defiant Donald Trump clashed with some anxious Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the presumptive GOP nominee is headed to another potentially contentious spot: Miami.

"There are two and a half months until the Republican convention, six months until the general election", Cruz told reporters in May after returning to Washington. "What we've been dealt is a choice between Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton", said Manzella, who is chairing the state's convention delegation.

"My position remains, I want to support the nomination". That played out in 1992 when a fourth of Montana voters chose third-party candidate Ross Perot, allowing Democrat Bill Clinton to win the state against the Republican incumbent George H.W. Bush.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus, who was in attendance when the two met, told Fox News, "I'll just say they had a good conversation, and it was very polite and cordial and normal".

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