Suu Kyi: Our people want work, not charity

Suu Kyi: Our people want work, not charity

Asked why Suu Kyi seems cold toward the Rohingya, Siwawong said she's prisoner to political winds.

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi arrived in Thailand for an official visit with the ruling junta that has drawn criticism both for its symbolism and the heavy restrictions surrounding it. As a workaround, her party created the post of state counsellor, putting her in charge of her amenable colleague, President Htin Kyaw.

The sweeping election victory last November by Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party and the formation of her civilian government has led to growing speculation that the refugees will soon return home.

"We don't believe at all that she wants to try to understand the situation here".

The Thai government appears to be acquiescing to Suu Kyi's unspoken demand to not discuss the issue, as Prayuth was reported as saying that he would not bring it up with her during the visit, adding that it would be "interfering" with Burma's internal affairs.On Monday, she told the United Nations.

After speaking, the man - who did not wish to be identified out of fears for his security - placed scotch-tape across his mouth as a symbol of his lack of freedom of expression.

Ethnic Rakhine political leaders have long complained that the needs of the Buddhist community of the state, one of the poorest regions in Myanmar, have been ignored while global donors focus relief and development efforts on the state's Muslim community - an allegation Kobia challenged on Wednesday.

Suu Kyi is being hosted by Thailand's military junta, and her trip is being tightly scripted, with no opportunities for the media to question her on the issue.

She was welcomed by Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak and Myanmar embassy staff at Suvarnabhumi Airport. From FY11-15, IDA financing helped recruit and train more than 5 million teachers, provided 50 million people with access to better water services, helped more than 400 million people receive essential health services, and immunized more than 200 million children.

"They have the right to birth registration and nationality".

Throughout the day, a growing crowd of workers amassed near the compound and along the route where the meeting with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was slated to take place.

Thousands of Myanmar migrant workers were left in the rain Thursday as Thailand's military government strictly controlled access to Aung San Suu Kyi during the first day of her visit as Myanmar state counselor to the country.

One of the Myanmar migrants, Thon Bahrami told AFP at the port that "We have problems here in Thailand". Campaigners say her failure to support the stateless minority is a boon to Buddhist hardliners who loathe the Rohingya.

Myanmar's de facto leader Suu Kyi met with Prayuth to sign memorandums of understanding over the processing of and the treatment of Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand, who labor in menial jobs and often in exploitative conditions.

"Only pre-approved workers from nearby factories were let in", said Andy Hall of the Migrant Workers Right Network.

There are about 1.4 million legal Myanmar workers in Thailand and the number of Myanmar migrants in the country might reach 2 million if illegal workers are included, according to local officials.

"At this time, as a representative of the [Burmese] government, Ms Suu Kyi will be received on a government-to-government basis", he said.

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