Robby Hayes: Will He Actually Win The Bachelorette?

He talks about his past and says he is a changed man. Anyways, in this particular article of "In Touch", JoJo's ex boyfriend, Chad, comes out and says that she was pursuing him the entire time on "The Bachelor", is still in love with him, and is only doing "The Bachelorette" for fame. Derek basically guilts JoJo into giving him the group date rose, and the men are not happy. He was the first one to get a one-on-one date, but that was a long time ago. What did they do that was so wrong? Right before the cocktail/rose ceremony, he calls Alex, Jordan, Robbie and a few others outside to say he feels like they're being cliqueish or something. It is here that one suitor gets to enjoy some one-on-one time with JoJo on a handsome yacht.

So, it's safe to say a lot went down this week, and judging by the promos for next week's episode, it'll only to get more intense from this point on. And then there's his hair, which makes those with less volume and style pissed off.

Up to this writing, both Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers has remained silent about these issues being thrown at them. They became convinced it did, then made up a story in their minds that he was not dedicated to the process, but rather to a career in entertainment after flaming out in pro football.

Now that the drama with Chad was over, JoJo could focus on her relationship with Jordan, who has been a frontrunner from the start.

News of Rodgers' The Bachelorette participation leaked before the show began filming, so Fletcher read about him online prior to meeting him in person. And just when JoJo thinks she can trust Jordan, someone else voices their suspicions. Later, over dinner, she told him she felt "safe" with him. As per Bachelorette standard, the evening was capped off with Robby opening up to JoJo about an emotional aspect of his past life - in this case, the story of his friend who tragically died in a auto accident. It's all very mysterious, but we see a lanky, taller guy in a blue suit holding a ring box on his way to her in a limo. That pissed Alex off, calling Derek a bitch, claiming he played the insecurity card with JoJo to get a pity rose. On JoJo's end, she displays a near-uncanny ability to go from 0-to-hysterical crying when backed into a corner. Spoiler site Reality Steve previewed the upcoming episode, and said that JoJo's one-on-one date will possibly be with Luke Pell or James Taylor. "Sometimes his messages make sense, sometimes they don't".

Afterwards, there was a rose ceremony in which James F. and Daniel were sent home. Five roses had already been awarded during the dating process and three men would be eliminated that night.

In the meantime, JoJo will be seen shedding tears but it is not because of Chad. (For some odd reason, Evan doesn't get to show off his line of work). Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Instead, he knocks on the door and his only friend in the house, Daniel, lets him in.

What more can we say about Chad?

Who's looking like their stock made a move up? They went traveling around the city, and went jumping into the water from a cliff. Who better to have around than a competitive swimmer?

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