Selena Gomez is looking for a boyfriend

Probably, but during Carpool Karaoke with James Corden she confirmed that she's very much single.

We can't wait to watch Michelle being interviewed by James as they sing and dance along to some catchy tunes - we've already seen the activist bust out some impressive moves while promoting her Let's Move! campaign to fight childhood obesity.

The 23-year-old "Hands to Myself" singer decides to shake things up by dragging James along for a rollercoaster ride.

Back on the road, they discuss everything from fandom and boyfriends ("Find me a boyfriend", she tells Corden at one point) to Gomez's position as an OG in Taylor Swift's girl squad-i.e., the flawless opportunity for a performance of "Shake It Off".

Selena Gomez does not exactly cut a mysterious figure, most likely because she's been in the public eye practically since she first crooned onscreen with Barney the Dinosaur at the age of 10. Also, we love Gomez for the three times she didn't feel the need to kill him with kindness.

While on the coaster, Selena and James hilariously sang "Come & Get It".

Gomez's Carpool Karaoke aired early Tuesday morning, and Corden didn't directly ask the singer about her love life.

"Find me a boyfriend", she told James. He then produced two bottles of ginger shots and they both drank one each.

Once they returned to the auto, the 23-year-old singer joined Corden in a ginger shot - something she does every morning - and if the "Late Late Show" host was not feeling queasy before, it's looking like this tiny bottle may have put him over the edge. James and Selena then make a stop at a McDonald's, where they surprise some employees at the drive-thru window. Gomez's famous all-girl squad includes the likes of Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid.

"Just trust me. Just trust me a little bit", she tells a anxious Corden.

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