How to Become a FIFA 17 Professional eSports Star

How to Become a FIFA 17 Professional eSports Star

Lets face it, FIFA is the greatest game on earth. We've all dreamed of being the best footballer in the world, and starting at Euro 2016, or playing at Wembley Stadium. However, being a 25-35-year-old who lives on a diet of Red Bull, pizza and trips down the pub, it's probably not going to happen, is it? Sorry to break it to you. There is good news, however, you can become the next Gareth Bale with your controller at hand. FIFA is a popular eSport, and FIFA 17 might be your chance to become a professional eSports star. 

We all like to think we are pretty good at the game, but in reality, we are not. Not yet anyway. Just because we can beat Dave the next-door neighbour, doesn't mean we're the best in the world. Not yet at least anyway. 

It's important to practice. Don't worry you don't need to play day in, day out, to become elite. When the new game comes out, grab a copy, and play 2-3 hours per day. Play enough to improve, but not enough to lose patience and drive for self-improvement, and one day you'll be the gamer that people favour on betway esports bets, showing hard work pays off, right?

Your competitors will by playing consistently. Consistency is key. So, tell your other half the dishes will have to wait. 

Playing against your friends, or the computer is pointless when you're used to the game. To become a pro you need to play the best ranked players, and enter any tournament possible. Improvement will come quickly then. 

You will see your weaknesses put to the sword when you play too rivals. Then the improvement can really begin. 

Also, master the basics. Don't worry about fancy skills if you can't tackle, or if you can't hit a free-kick. These little things make a big difference when you're competing for the grand prize of being the best in the world. 

Our last tip is the most simple, and effective one. Develop an all-around game. You won't get far if you score 3 a game but concede 4. You want to be good from the back to the front, with the solid foundation in place. Then the extras will come in to place. 

Just when you thought your football  days were behind you, you were wrong, it's possible, albeit with a controller at hand and a dedication to success like no other. 

Will you start your journey to eSports greatness with September's newly-released FIFA 17?

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