Finding Dory 101: Who Are Dory's Parents?

Now with "Finding Dory", the little blue tang fish who could gets her own story - a story that is at least partly about parenting. "She doesn't know where she's from.' I felt like I just left the door open on all this stuff, and I felt that needs to be resolved". We soon find out that her past isn't that different from Nemo's. Which kinda makes it hard to know who or what she's trying to find. Who are her parents? This obviously provides challenges for Dory, as she can't remember names or faces, how to get home or what dangers lurk in the ocean.

As Dory famously said in Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming". And while that means it doesn't have the senses of fresh discovery and originality of the initial picture, audiences will feel a comfort early on that they're in good hands with seal-of-quality Pixar and its stylistic hallmarks: dazzling animation, subtle voice work, good humor and heartwarming storytelling.

Finding Dory is written and directed by Oscar-winner Andrew Stanton, who created the original Finding Nemo, wrote the original Toy Story, and created Wall-E. "I felt that she was completely unresolved", Stanton said at a press briefing on the film. He said, "I really had no plans of ever going back, didn't see a reason to, until 2011 [when] I was asked to watch Finding Nemo in 3D". So many catch phrases, characters and themes have become a part of our pop culture that it carries the clout of a film three times its age. But Dory's odyssey is never as involving (though certainly more repetitive) as Nemo's, and while Dory, Nemo and especially Marlin are still fairly engaging protagonists, they've been surrounded by a supporting cast revealed to be one of the dullest yet conceived by the Pixar braintrust. When her friends Marlon (Albert Brooks) and Nemo (Hayden Rolence) lose her, we watch two parallel sets of misadventures. It was nice to see that he was included in the sequel. During an emotional reunion, Charlie and Jenny explain that after they went to quarantine, they waited and waited in hopes that Dory would eventually find her way back to them, and she did!

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