Final Fantasy XIV Might Finally Be Coming To The XBOX One

Well, now that Microsoft has opened its online to interact with other platforms, there's a big chance Xbox One owners might see Final Fantasy XIV soon.

Hajime Tabata, director and head of development on Final Fantasy XV, has been asked before how many hours of gameplay the latest FF has within it.

"In terms of clearing the main story, we're anticipating about 40-50 hours of gameplay", said Tabata. As Square Enix keeps on pleasing players with constant updates, expansions and new jobs to level, its happy community would further grow from am Xbox One conversion.

Reports from VG247 indicate an even newer build may have been circulating the E3 show floor. For the longest time the developers at Square Enix have staid it never found its way to the Xbox One because Microsoft's infrastructure did not allow for cross-platform play which allows players from any platform to play together on the same servers. Now however, it's closer to reality than you'd have earlier imagined.

Tabata stressed that "Final Fantasy XV" is role-playing game (RPG) in essence and not an actual action game as it appears in its trailers. Now that the game is nearly done, we have a definitive answer.

He continues: "For the PlayStation 4 E3 demo, it's a dynamic range between 900p and 1080p". Sometimes, it will, just like Xbox One, dip a little bit when the GPU can't process what's happening on the screen so quickly, but it's mostly 30 frames. How much of the game's additional content do you plan to explore? The company has been bringing forward several innovations in the world of gaming, and among several of their titles, the Final Fantasy XIV happens to be one of the most popular games.

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