21% of real money games played on smartphones

21% of real money games played on smartphones

Today, 21% of real money games played on smartphones, which the owners of websites like the Golden Nugget Casino website should consider. People keep on talking about how smartphones are so prevalent that they might as well be taking over the world, and people need to prepare for the days where people are almost exclusively working on smartphones and not on laptops, desktops, or other sorts of devices. However, with 21% of real money games played on smartphones, the situation is obviously more complicated than that. 

Naturally, 21% of real money games played on smartphones is still significant. The fact that so many people are interested in using other devices, however, is more significant still. The alternatives at present are going to constitute laptops, desktops, some smart devices, and possibly some game consoles. People really do have a portfolio of options today when it comes to the devices that they use for online games, which are everywhere today and which have become their own institutions. It looks like the people who are counting on a complete mobile revolution are wrong. 

However, the idea of a complete mobile revolution has always been highly suspect, and it seems to reflect fantasies of paranoid people more than the realities of technological change. Many people, particularly individuals over the age of forty-five, are suspicious of smartphone technology and think that a lot of the people younger than them are spending too much time with this sort of technology. These are usually the people who are going to spread all of the different rumors about how mobile devices are going to dominate the world or completely change society in some way that is going to hurt everyone. 

Then again, some of the people who have predicted a mobile revolution just failed to take into account all of the different facets of technological change. In many cases, the older forms of technology do live on, and the newer forms of technology just become additional options for the people who want to try out as many different devices as possible and the people who want the best of both worlds. In some cases, the newer technological forms really do entirely replace the older technological forms. It can be difficult to predict which trajectory the technological transitions are going to take. 

However, the 21% of real money games played on smartphones isn't all that surprising, and people could have predicted this. Lots of people don't want to have to play real money casino games on devices that are going to make use of open WiFi connections. People want to maximize their Internet security, and this is almost always going to be easier on desktops at home or laptops at home, at least compared to the smartphones that people will use anywhere. The Golden Nugget Casino has lots of great games that are just as accessible on a mobile device as they are on desktop or laptop devices. It makes sense that people are going to have their own preferences, and that they will take the good with the bad with all of these devices. 


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