Was Arya Actually Stabbed on Game of Thrones?

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Redditor passingwisdom believes that she enlisted the help of Lady Crane as a "thank you" for saving her life in "Game of Thrones" episode 6 and helped her obtain some props to fake her death.

If the Waif is a real girl, then she is likely just super jealous of all the attention Arya has gotten from Jaqen, and therefore is keeping tabs on her because she's basically obsessed with Arya at this point.

So it looks like Arya will survive the stabbing, but what is this test that she faces?

You were probably as shocked as us when you saw the Waif go all red wedding on Arya and stab her repeatedly into the stomach, before Arya jumped into the river. Arya Stark has clearly been chosen to make it to the end, and while that doesn't guarantee her overall survival, it does influence the way we react to these "surprising" events. Clearly she wanted to draw attention; I don't think the determined, whip-smart Arya we all know and love would so casually walk around when she's the target of assassins. "Arya faces a new test". Of course, in the preview for Episode 8, we see Arya being chased by the Waif, so it doesn't really look like this theory will hold up. As the Redditor says, it kind of explains how Waif always knew exactly what Arya was doing, when she's telling fibs, what her next move will be during a fight.

Finally, could it be that Arya "hired" someone to take her place? If he dies, he will have repaid his original debt to Arya and secured her passage home to Westeros; when she inevitably tries to find a ride home, she'll be all set to travel in comfort thanks to Jaqen's promise of payment to a greedy ship captain.

Perhaps she was able to put her mask on another girl in order to throw them off her trail.

When a healer told the girl's father what the stepmother had attempted, he offered a sacrifice to the Many-Faced God (two-thirds of his wealth and his daughter) so that the Faceless Men would kill the stepmother.

It's hard to pick a most interesting story line heading into Sunday's episode.

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