The Fortune 500 List for 2016 Is Out

Bethesda-based Marriott International was ranked 195 in Fortune 500's list released Monday

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple's revenue jumped almost 28 percent from the year before, no easy feat when numbers get this large.

After more than a decade of solid growth fueled first by the iPod music player and then by the even more popular iPhone, Apple finally appeared to hit a wall. Highest brand value. Apple has worn many crowns.

Fortune has put out its annual list of top companies based on revenue during their most recent fiscal years.

Walmart topped the list for the fourth consecutive time of Fortune 500's 2016 rankings.

The list shows Owens-Illinois Inc., the Perrysburg bottle maker, ranked No. 413, down from No. 399 a year ago, with revenue of $6.2 billion. For the entire list, revenues were down 4.2% from 2015. Apple ranked third with $233 billion in sales, while Exxon Mobile had $246 billion in revenues.

Apple has climbed to third place in the Fortune 500 rankings from fifth in last years' rankings.

"The Fortune 500 emerged a bit battered from events of the past year", said Fortune Editor Alan Murray in writing about this year's Fortune 500 list.

Among other Bay Area companies getting into the upper reaches of the Fortune 500 list are Chevron (No.13, $131.1 billion), HP (No. 20, $103.3 billion), Wells Fargo (No. 27, $90 billion) and Alphabet (No. 36, $75 billion).

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