New California Poll Points to Contested Republican Convention

Graphic shows potential scenarios for contested Republican convention 3c x 4 inches 146 mm x 101

Republicans to date are clearly more fractured and certainly less positive about Trump and Cruz, the two leading candidates for their party's nomination.

NBC Bay Area political analyst Larry Gerston, "I wouldn't get too excited about a seven point differential between Trump and Cruz".

Meanwhile, Trump's national lead over Cruz continues to slump. Ted Cruz is already confirmed to attend.

It suggests Melania Trump, in an old modeling photo, might not be modest enough to be first lady. Since Rubio has suspended his campaign rather than formally withdrawing, his eight delegates are also bound to him on the first vote.

Colorado's initial caucuses were held on March 1, but only now has a state party convention gathered to choose its 37 delegates for the national convention in July.

Counting the superdelegates who favor her, Clinton needs to win 634 (32 percent) of the remaining 1,977 delegates at stake in upcoming primaries to win the Democratic delegation.

"Don't be fooled: Ted Cruz can't win the nomination outright and he can't defeat Hillary Clinton, either", says a narrator in a digital ad released Friday by the Kasich campaign. He beats Trump 48 to 40 percent and Cruz 46 to 38 percent, while Clinton beats Trump 45 to 42 percent and ties Cruz at 43 percent. They are WNY for Kasich, a group of Western New Yorkers who want to see Kasich as President, but they are not affiliated with Kasich's campaign. "All three of the delegates selected by local party members were listed on a slate put forward by the Cruz campaign".

"Most of us are immigrants or come from immigrant backgrounds".

Walker said he doesn't believe deciding the nominee at the convention would result in chaos.

New York's delegates are awarded proportionally.

"I support Trump. I'm gonna vote for Trump", he said. [Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images]It's true that Donald Trump is the only one that has a path where he could actually get the needed delegate count before Cleveland kicks off. There are still several months and several primaries he can use to kick up his delegate count even more.

David Wexler/For New York Daily News Trump supporters react to protesters at the rally. If this year's convention adopts the same rules as in 2012, a candidate would have to get support from a majority of delegates in eight states to be placed in nomination.

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